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KFC Brunei is turning up the heat with this limited-time offer, KFC Ghost Pepper. Inspired by the flavours of Ghost Pepper, which is known as one of the world’s hottest chili pepper, this latest innovation is set to send a fiery heat thrill that grows with every bite!

Also known as “bhut jolokia”, the Ghost Pepper is famous for its “slow burn” sensation which triggers the taste buds soon after it is eaten, starting off with a nice subtle heat which slowly intensifies with each bite. This intense and exciting spiciness can now be enjoyed with the new KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger burger and Twister.

Presented in a bold red burger bun , the popular KFC Zinger is spread with the smokey Ghost Pepper sauce and mayonnaise, topped with Japanese cucumber, tomatoes and crunchy BBQ nachos.

The Twister comes wrapped with a red tortilla ~~ with chopped tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers and of course the Ghost Pepper sauce!

Gotta love the Ghost Pepper Twister Packaging ~

“If you are a foodie or a spicy food lover, the KFC Ghost Pepper is a must-try. It is unique and delivers a different kind of spicy food enjoyment from the usual. We are also happy to be one of the first in the market to introduce Ghost Pepper to our menu. It’s for a limited time only, so try it today!” said Mr. Ooi, General Manager, KFC Brunei.

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger burger and Twister are available in à la carte starting from BND 5.20, (Zinger burger) and BND 3.80 (Twister). For a complete meal, opt for the KFC Ghost Pepper combo meals with fries and a refreshing Mirinda Strawberry carbonated drink. The box meals comes with an additional 1-pc chicken.

Ooooo of course ~~ everything is better with signature crispy KFC fries! MMmmm ~~~

Do we really have to share this? Grrrr ~~~

Both Karen and Cha Ying can’t wait to try the food!

For me – having tried Ghost Pepper before – I was pretty worried initially – but having tasted it – I have to say it was not as spicy as I think it would. I remembered you can have your level of Ghost Pepper when I tried it overseas – this would be on the milder scale in my opinion but still spicier than your average Zinger burger. The cucumbers are actually very refreshing and helps to fan the heat!

A brother enjoying the Ghost Pepper Twister!

The Twister doesn’t have the extra crunchiness of the nachos but it is quite easy to eat – the mayo here also helps to mellow down the spiciness.

I brought Karen (VenturingFoodie) and Cha Ying (Bruneian Eats) to check out this exciting new offer from KFC. Karen is no stranger to spicy food while Cha Ying tolerance for spiciness isn’t that high ~~ Naturally for Karen – it wasn’t spicy enough but for Cha Ying ~ she was sweating and sniffing ~~ for me – I felt there’s a slow heat to it ~~ you will feel it after a while but not crazy hot ~~ it’s pretty yummy but don’t expect to get burned!

This is seriously KFC Nugget goals ~~ Mmmmm ~~~

I quite like their new dip! Goes well with the KFC nuggets!

Keep calm and tapao nuggets for your everyone ~~ or just for yourself! HAHAHA

Remember to share the nuggets ah ladies!

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