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KFC Zinger Cheezilla Burger is now available in Brunei!


It’s been some time since we have a limited edition burger from KFC and the time has finally come for KFC to unveil the long awaited KFC Zinger Cheezilla Burger! When I heard the name, I knew it was going to be something to do with cheesy goodness and who doesn’t get excited about cheese? Nevertheless ~~ I wasn’t disappointed when I see and got my hands on one of these beautiful burgers. Mmmm ~~~


This limited time offer features our favourite KFC’s famous zinger fillet, an all new mozzarella cheese patty (OMG cheese patty!) , lettuce and topped with more cheese sauce (yup you gotta add more cheese baby!) all sandwiched between two soft buns. Now that’s a burger worthy of the name Cheezilla!


It’s indeed the type of burger that gets you excited and instagram it ~~ but remember to have it hot ~~ so you get that cheesy stretchy goodness from the mozarella patty!


“We work hard to develop products that will please our fans. The new KFC Zinger Cheezilla Burger is no exception. It was specially created for KFC fans and cheese lovers out there and is sure to satisfy your cheese cravings! It’s a must try!”  said Jaymee Lau, Marketing Executive of KFC (Brunei).


Seriously ~~ would you take a moment to marvel at that mozarella cheese patty after we slice the Zinger Cheezilla into half ~~ ooooh mmmyyyyy ~~~~ *DROOOLS* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!


Mmmm ~~~ you can’t wait to try this beauty right?


KFC’s Zinger Cheezilla is available as ala carte from BND 6.50 and combo that comes with crispy fries and a regular carbonated drink from BND 7.50. Both are available for delivery as well so you have the delivered to you or send someone a treat to make their day!


Be sure to also check out the WOW Bucket from KFC which features 5 pieces of signature finger lickin good fried chicken and two drinks for only $11.70! If you have a bigger appetite or more mouths to feed, grab a Bucket B for even better value! It is made up of 9 pc chicken and 4 carbonated drinks from BND 20.70!


By purchasing either of the buckets, customers can opt to buy Cheesy Wedges, large whipped potato and large coleslaw at just BND 2.00 each!


Naturally ~~ we’ll want all of that ~~ a super value for money meal for 3-4 ~~ or just two hungry boys ~~


Share the love ~~ with a WOW Bucket Combo from KFC ~~~

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-16 at 8.29.31 PM

If you are breakfast person/early riser ~~ don’t miss out the KFC WOW Breakfast deal! WOW Breakfast offers two discounted breakfast items: Zinger Riser at BND 3.90 (u.p. BND 4.50) and Zinger porridge at BND 2.50 (u.p. BND 3.70). By purchasing either one you can opt for WOW Add on: 1 regular Sjora and 1 hashbrown or 1 regular Sjora and 1 small fries for just BND 1.70. Limited time offer. Breakfast stores: KFC KB, Yayasan, Lambak, Sengkurong, Kiulap, Gadong Central, Sengkurong Drive Thru, Mentiri, Tutong, Seria

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