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KFC Brunei introduces the Cheezy Romano Crunch!

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We can’t seem to get enough of cheesy goodness so KFC Brunei is bringing an Italian twist to their latest cheese offering, the KFC Cheezy Romano Crunch!


KFC’s popular cheese series continues hit after hit, now with the introduction of a premium Romano cheese sauce to be enjoyed with KFC’s signature Hot & Spicy chicken.


Transporting a taste from the nation known and loved for their cheese creations, Cheezy Romano Crunch offers an Italian touch - a combination of intense flavours of the premium Italian Romano cheese and the signature crunchy KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, ahhhh how can you resist this!?


KFC Cheezy Romano Crunch is available a la carte from only BND 4.20 or in a combo meal which includes the 2-piece Hot & Spicy chicken, imported Cheezy Romano sauce together with KFC’s signature sides of coleslaw, whipped potato and a regular carbonated drink from only BND 7.00.


“It is no doubt that good food brings people together. That is the idea behind this latest creation by KFC, inspired by KFC’s fans call for more of our cheese products. Expect an Italian ‘cheeziness’ when you savour our Cheezy Romano Crunch, as the special Romano cheese sauce will get you swooning. You can be sure of a satisfying ‘cheezy’ experience and an even greater experience when enjoyed with friends or soon to be friends”, said Jaymee Lau from marketing department, KFC Brunei.


Let the Cheeziness rain down on those spicy crispy fried chicken! Arghhhhh!! YESSHHH!!! LET IT RAIN! LET IT FLOOD!


Seriously though – that is a real piece of heaven I’m holding here ~~ crispy spicy fried chicken bathed in premium Italian Romano cheese ~~ I’m drooling as I’m typing this ~~~~ Mama mia!


Cubalah sekarang indeed! You better grab them before they sell out! In Brunei, they say the early foodie catches the good food and gets to Instagram them first ~~ lol ~~


They also introduced a new bucket combo meal called the Bucket Bersama ~~~ did you also notice something cheezy in there??? Remember the last time Brunei destroyed them too fast and they were sold out really fast? Like the old Terminator movie – I imagined them saying “I’ll be back ~~”


They have a 17.90 version (5 piece chicken) and a 28.90 (9 piece chicken) for bigger families or people with huge appetites!


Both the buckets will come with signature whipped potatoes, soft drinks and of course the long time missed CHEEZY BALLS are BACKKK!! – this time its their limited edition Sour Cream and Onion flavour!! Ooooh yesshh!


These must be eaten HOT and you will be rewarded with a long stringy cheesy goodness!!!


Now does that plate of gorgeous KFC bring a smile to your face? Mmmmm ~~~ now I’m hungry!


Wash that down with some nice cup of iced milo ~~~


Or with something citrusy like their sjora smooth flavour fusion drink which goes well to wash down those yummy twisters!

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