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Kota Kinabalu Restaurants: I-Lotus Seafood Restaurant's Weekend Family Brunch Specials!

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I Lotus Seafood restaurant actually originated from Brunei and the owner opened a branch in Kota Kinabalu bringing lots of their well loved recipes from the original branch. With the rich abundance of fresh seafood, naturally - you get the freshest live seafood in their dishes. Recently I Lotus launched their special weekend family brunch food stalls to introduce homey kampung style dishes!


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I Lotus was actually awarded as one of Asia's finest restaurants by the prestigious Miele Guide!



Cosy family style ambience ~~



They have fresh live seafood to enjoy a lovely seafood dinner but that's what we're here for today ~~~ we are here to check out the special stalls for family brunch!



Here's a brief list of the signature dishes for family brunch ~~ You can check out the food at the stalls - then make your order. Prices for appetizers and desserts are around RM6 while main courses are between rm15 - rm18.



Let's begin with the soup of the day ~ basically these are very Chinese style healthy soups that are boiled and then steamed and served in bamboo baskets. Seriously good stuff right there! A great bowl of healthy goodness to wake up to ~~ (especially after a late night out partying! LOL)



For appetizers, they also have an assortment of fried fritters ~~ mmm ~~~ you can choose 10pcs of your choice! take your pick! I personally sampled everything! hahahaha! Leave no fritter behind!



The kids or big kids like me will be glad to see they have Japanese Takoyaki as one of their stalls for the family weekend brunch!



Oh yeshh ~~~ all for myself ~~ thank you very much ~ *nom nom*



This is a pretty traditional dish that uses Nan Ru - fermented tofu to cook. Ahhh ~~~ down to earth food that reminds you of going back to your kampung! *drools*  This is their Home Style Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables!



Ooooh my curry ~~~~ who can say no to good old fashioned chicken curry ~~ with rice for brunch ~~ *drools*



Braised Claypot Fishead with yam ~~~ mmm ~~ I love how the yam absorbs the flavour of the sauce while at the same time adds some hearthy thickness to the sauce. Heartwarming!


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White Gingko braised beef brisket is slow cooked homey dish ~~~oooh you can tell how tender the beef is just by looking at the picture! *picture from Darren Food Porn Sabah @foodpsabah*


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Lamb lovers must try their signature style braised lamb with special sauce ~~ topped with onion rings. Ooooh yeshhh ~~~ *picture from Darren Food Porn Sabah @foodpsabah*



Their claypot tanghoon with prawns is quite a unique dish as it has some Thai influence to this dish! Once you have a bite ~~ I'm sure you will go for some more ~~ yummers!!


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They also serve their special version of curry laksa that is pleasantly just the right creaminess ~~ and you can add the paste and squeeze of lime to adjust to your preference ~ if you want to add some oomppph~~ you can upgrade your laksa with some clams ~~ Ken Wong, foodie watches happily as the chef prepares the laksa ~~ *drools*



My good friend Dinoza enjoying the laksa ~~ slurpalicious!



Seriously ~~~ how can you say no to THAT?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!



If you have not tried tea smoked chicken before - you simply must try I Lotus's special tea smoked chicken ~~~ watching the chef smoke it live at the stall is an eye opener and you gotta love how moist the chicken is with a good hint of smokiness from the tea smoke! Double thumbs up from the foodie!



Oooh my lovely tea smoked chicken ~~ you art sooo beautiful and delicious ~~~ this whole piece is mine mine mine!!



Another unique dish is their duck mantou sandwich. It's basically steamed buns filled with shredded duck meat with veggies, hint of wasabi and raspberry sauce, and finished with their secret recipe braised duck sauce... I have to say this was my favourite dish of the day ~~ and specially created by the owner herself!



So good ~ you must treat it with love and respect ~ and snap the ultimate instagram worthy photo ~~ hahaha ~~ here's Ken Wong in deep concentration!



Charlotte having one of those Mmmmmmmmmm moments while Calista eagerly listens to how this magnificent duck dish was created!



*drools* would you look at that ~~~



The duck mantao is seriously good on its own but the braised sauce adds a new umami dimension to this dish ~~ ahhhh ~~ sooooo soooo goooood! Thanks Darren for spooning the sauce while I take this shot with my Fujifilm ~~ gotta love the 35mm 1.4 lens!


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Mmmm ~~~ I personally love rojak so seeing this makes my mouth water ~~~ order one or two of them to share ~~~ RM6 per portion



They have some good old fashioned desserts as well to give your brunch a happy ending! Thai and Malaysian influenced kuih and also ais kacang!



*SWOOONS* Which one do you prefer?



If you've been to Thailand and visited their night markets ~~ you will recognize this special old school way of making Ice popsicles!



Choose your flavours ~~ they are only rm0.60 per stick!



Mummy ~~ can I have one more after this? This boy enjoying his ice cream is sooo cute!



Oooh if you love coconut pudding ~~ be sure to try I Lotus's version ~~ seriously silky smooth goodness~~


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It was such a pleasure to try out I Lotus's Special Family Weekend Brunch and I'm sure you will enjoy it too! Thumbs up from fellow social influencers in Sabah and owner Irene who was such a good host! You must pop by this coming weekend to try them out!


A special video made by Darren Food Porn Sabah for this event! Watch for more detail on what to expect from this special weekend family brunch!


I Lotus Special Weekend Family Brunch is available on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM till 2:30 PM. There will be a bouncer for the kids to play as well. Prices for appetizers and desserts are around RM6 while main courses are between rm15 - rm18.


I Lotus Seafood Restaurant

Lot 13 Block C, Kepayan Point Shoplots, Jalan Penampang, Kepayan Ponit, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

+60 88-723 115

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