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A MicroAdventure at Kampung Ayer

I'm Serene Lau, a friend of Thanis and I'm a Melbourne based adventurer illustrator and guest writer for today.This post will be featuring an adventure at Kampong Ayer that Thanis participated in as a day tripper. kg ayer M

Here is a picture of me working on a cultural map mural of Kampong ayer at Kunyit 7 lodge, a heritage Airbnb site.


Pictured: My bestie - Denise Chai, Me, The raw foodie cyclist - Marcel and A Brunei Times Writer Md - Azli

As my occupation suggest, I specialise in making adventures happen and drawing them out in comic book form just using a pencil. My goal in every adventure that I organise is to show everybody that we can travel without planes or hotels but still get that same feeling of excitement and wonder. You would think that a place such as Kampong ayer ,a neighbouring suburb from where I grew up, would be a difficult task but more often I find that we are blind to see it's wonders by what we know but never really tried E.g. Nasi Katok originated from this village but have you ever tried getting one in the village? the locals travel by boat but when was the last time you did that yourself? That being said, here is a microadventure on the water

bruneibrunei 1brunei 2

I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this and if it inspires you to go adventuring yourself, please do it! After all you already have a template you can follow. You'll never know what you'll encounter or do after the experience. As for me, after enjoying kampong ayer so intensely from a week of working there to do the mural and this crazy adventure, I've made an artwork inspired by it titled " Sewer Princess Kampong Ayer". I was enthralled by how tight-knit the community spirit was and it's open sewage systems for the older houses. Kampong Ayer is truly unique and everyone should enjoy it!

Serene Lau features her microadventures on her blog

Her instagram handle is @serenekitchen.

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