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Sorriso Italian Restaurant introduces Bistro style menus

Sorriso will be introducing their Bistro Menu starting this Friday 28th August 2015. The menus offer a good value for money light but good quality meals – which will only be available from 11 am till 5pm daily to cater mostly to the lunch and tea crowd. The menus will be rotated every week to ensure diners will have a chance to savour and look forward to new dishes every week! Let’s have a look at the appetizers for this coming week!



Trio of appetizers from this week’s Bistro Menu



The first of the three appetizers from their bistro menu – Bruschetta Nicosia which is lightly toasted bread topped with tuna, herbs, beans, eggs and cherry tomatoes.



Champignon Mushrooms in a creamy pesto sauce! YUM!



Quite a common dish in Italy – here’s the Chicken Liver Veneziana ~~



For the mains – we have Turkey Breast Milanese



Usually turkey can be overcooked – tasting dry and rubbery but the one I had at Sorriso is perfectly cooked to a moist tender texture!



Moist turkey breast for lunch? Yes please!



Next on the list is one of Chef Salvo’s fav childhood snacks in Italy ~~ fried calzone! which is pizza dough stuffed with pizza toppings – but instead of being baked in the oven – this one is DEEP FRIED!! OOoooo My GIANT Italian Style Curry Puff! LOL – GIVE IT TO ME!!



Ooops ~~~~ sorry ~~~ you cannot escape from my tummy!!! *NOM NOM NOM*



Last but not least – a hearty lamb stew with vegetables – served with a down to earth asparagus risotto ~~



While it might not be your usual arborio rice ~~ this risotto is creamy and matches the lamb stew well ~~ bon appetit!



For desserts – I have to say these orange and lemon tarts are SIMPLY DELICIOUS! I wished I could order more ~~~ highly recommended!



Or go for a down to earth simple white chocolate mousse with cherries and biscuit! ~~ *swoooons*

For more information – call the phone number to enquire about their Bistro Menus – which will be rotated from time to time! Remember it’s only available from 11am till 5pm.

Sorisso Restaurant and Pizzaria

Regent Square, #14/15 Block B Grd Floor, Kampong Kiarong (Kiulap)

Tel: 2233030

Sorisso Restaurant and Pizzaria KB Branch,

Lot 8982, Unit 1, Tingkat Bawah, Block C, Bangunan MJJR, Jalan Jaya Negara, Kuala Belait

Tel: 3340066

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