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Sri Latha Restaurant–Kota Kinabalu Guide for Tourists–Walking distance from Centrepoint

Sri Latha is highly regarded by the locals as the go to place for good Indian cuisine. If you’re a fan of the banana leaf concept of Indian food, then you’re in for a treat. In my trips to KK, I had been recommended to try this place through different people. This just goes to show how popular this place is. The best part is – it’s just 11 minutes walk from my favourite hotel: Imperial Boutech .


Located along Jalan Berjaya within Bandaraya – Sri Latha is easy to find for the locals but might be challenging for tourists. Thankfully – the landmark to spot is a Merry Brown Fast Food Outlet – and the row of shops behind it. The google map directions should help you find this place easily.



The Sri Latha menu – you might need to squint your eyes or zoom into the image for the list and prices.



They don’t use plates much here – instead they put a banana leaf on your table and you order your choice of curries to go with the condiments and rice.



Condiments are pretty yummy spiced up veggies!



Oh would you look at those spices! YUM! Drooling already as I was taking the picture.



You can request for briyani rice which has more flavour than plain rice. DUH ~~ lol.



A close up picture of the goodies! ooooooooh yessss!!



There are quite a variety of curries to go with your banana leaf dining experience – this is the curried lamb – all hail the spice culinary kingdom!



Or you could go for seafood such as these yummy squid – They have prawns, mackerel, beef and chicken curries too but I was seduced by the lamb.



Someone preferred these spiced up fried chicken – they’re not tandoori – but marinated with aromatic spices and deep fried. Not so crispy – the skin was kind of soft and a tad too salty for me – but my friend loves them.



Hubba hubba ~~ yummy in my tummy banana leaf cuisine experience! Thumbs up!



“The most beautiful woman is one who loves food.” Anonymous Foodie.  Thanks Sherina for bringing me here for the first time – few years back!



Their fish head curry is their signature dish which we always order to share while enjoying the banana leaf rice sets.



A visit to an Indian restaurant would not be complete without ordering Roti. It’s okay but it can’t be compared to the best roti in the land! See my post on Best Murtabak here



They also got fried quail here! Oooh crispy spiced goodness! nom nom!



Last but not least – you simply cannot miss fried fish eggs – basically caviar – deep fried with aromatic spices! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! SO SO SO MUST TRY!



Bing and Calista happily posing for the camera during last year’s mini KK Blogger’s makan at Sri Latha.



The best part about being a food blogger is meeting other bloggers while travelling and having them to show you around – hunting for the best eats! Thanks Dinoza, Charlotte, Calista and Bing for showing me around whenever I pop over KK!


Below are google map directions to this delicious curry house!


Sri Latha Curry House

No. 28, Jalan Berjaya,

Bandar Berjaya,

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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