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Kota Kinabalu Food Guide For Tourists – walking distance from Centrepoint: The Glass, Suria Sabah

If you’re shopping around Suria Sabah and needed a place for lunch. Look no further!  For this post – let’s take a look at newly opened THE GLASS – 7th floor of Suria Sabah. This guide is parto of the series specially for those who are staying around Centrepoint, Suria Sabah or Gaya Street areas



The Glass grill and bar is a great place for you to enjoy your lunch or dinner in between your shopping itinerary in Suria Sabah.



They have a pretty fancy interior design



and this section with the high sofas gives you more privacy than the other side



You can also sit outside and enjoy the breeze – but of course – it’s scorching hot during lunch time



I have to say I liked the ambience in the restaurant and this would be a great place to sit down for a good cup of coffee or drink. Did I mention they serve pretty good drinks here?



You can’t go wrong with a chocolate float ~~ ohhh yes ~~ ice cream always make drinks better ~~



Refreshing iced teas or a rich smooth mango lassi ~ what’s your thirst quencher?


They serve pretty good Nasi Briyani here. You have a choice of Chicken or Lamb – I opted for the lamb cos I fancy lamb more.



Juicy succulent Tandoori Chicken with rice – thumbs up!



This Tandoori Lamb Cutlet dish is highly recommended eventhough it’s rm30  – it’s the first time I’ve tasted Indian style lamb cutlets – well done to GLASS for this delicious dish. Smacks lips!



We ended our meal with butter chicken tikka masala – which is pretty good as well and worth ordering – just not one of the best. Acceptable and good though – goes super well with rice or the nasi briyanis. Noticed that I only tried most of their Indian cuisine but not their Western food – my friends highly recommended their Indian food and did not fancy their Western dishes – but do give them a try and let me know if they are up to your standards.


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To get to Suria Sabah from Centrepoint/Imperial Boutec Hotel – Just follow the map. About 15 mins walk. The Glass is located on the 7th floor of Suria Sabah – great place for shopping in KK. I don’t think you need to reserve a table as they’re pretty spacious and won’t be full.

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