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Brunei Restaurant Review: Din’s Bistro

I’ve heard of good things about Din’s Bistro for months but I haven’t tried them out until recently. The story of three brothers starting out their business in the food industry and chefs trained in Australia does give a promising note. Din’s Bistro serves Western food, more closer to Italian cuisine and one key feature is their hand made pastas. We’ll go into that later.


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Expect a straight forward and simple décor, with simple wall paper decorations.


DSCF4832 (Medium)

A small simple restaurant that caters to small groups and dates but I am sure seating can be easily re-organized to fit bigger numbers.


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I see a lot of pasta and burgers on their menu, but do check out their specials of the day, which is written on the board. The fish and chips look promising but for this time – I’m going for the lamb shank!


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The complimentary appetizers: Garlic bread – for me, I love the outer crispy crusts of the garlic bread and the flavour but I felt the bread was slightly dense or chewy for my taste. It’s acceptable but could be better.


DSCF4846 (Medium)

We also ordered the King Prawn Tortellini, which is pasta stuffed with cream cheese, delicious plump King size prawns and tossed with pine nuts, raisins and burnt butter or caramelized butter to my knowledge.


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The cream cheese stuffing is rich and I like the slightly charred crisp texture from the butter on the pasta, it complements the bouncy king prawns well. Flavour wise, this is more on the rich tangy side. It’s a good delicious dish but I would suggest a touch of acid to balance it. The burnt butter while giving good flavour, it does make the dish a tad greasy which is yummy for me but some might not like it. Some might have a gripe about the vein not completely removed from one or two of my prawns – but I’m okay with it. This is a delicious dish that I had not tasted in Brunei for a long time and worth ordering. Thumbs up!


DSCF4857 (Medium)

Their Lamb Shank is a pretty affordable dish at only $18. A dish which requires slow cooking to tenderize the tough cut of lamb. I like the gravy and the lamb is quite tender, though not as tender as I liked my lamb shank to be. I personally like this dish but this time, the main character, Mr Lamb Shank is not the star but ….


DSCF4855 (Medium)

Look at that smooth mashed potato! It’s properly seasoned to me, although my date thinks it’s too salty but I like the texture and how well it goes with the lamb. While some purist foodies might preferred chunky mashed potatoes and claim mushy potatoes as fast food crap – the mashed potatoes at Din’s Bistro is very good! They should market this as one of the side dishes to order! Nom Nom worthy!


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Unfortunately for me, I’ve a food review to go after my lunch at Din’s bistro so I do not have the capacity to try out the famed good burgers and other main dishes for this post – perhaps I will update this in future. I do however – have space for dessert!


DSCF4877 (Medium)

Chocolate churros dipped with quality melted chocolate ~~ hello hello ~~


DSCF4882 (Medium)

The joys of dipping this Spanish snack with melted chocolate ~~


DSCF4862 (Medium)

Last but not least is their chocolate gateau – my dish of the night – you can forget about cheesecakes – this is the dessert that you want to eat! High quality chocolatey fudgey slice of heaven! A must try dessert at Din’s.


DSCF4838 (Medium)

I’m happy to see that Din’s Bistro uses the quality Gryphon teas. On impulse, my date decided to try the Hanami; Japanese Sencha with Cheryl Blossoms. Sounds exotic and yummy right? Well. at first sip, it does smell good and I kinda like it but more sips and you’ll start to realize it tastes like lip balm or chap stick. It’s good to drink on it’s own but doesn’t really match the desserts. Go for other teas instead but don’t hesitate to try it just for curiosity sake~


DSCF4867 (Medium)

The coffee’s pretty okay – not up to Australia’s standards but acceptable for Brunei’s standards. This goes well with the chocolate gateau~~ *drools*

Overall – this is a great place for Western dining to supplement the already popular ones in Brunei. I would pay a visit here soon for their fish n chips – and burgers. Can’t wait!

Din’s Bistro can be found in Gadong – turn in at Ayamku Gadong block, drive towards to end till you see Mohan Carpets. It’s right in front of Mohan Carpets.

Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 6:30pm till 11:00pm except Friday 12 – 2 pm.

Din’s Bistro
No: 8, Block E,
Ground Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-8786160

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