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Brunei restaurant review: Kah Hiong Restaurant

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap was one of the restaurants I visit when I travel to Sabah. It’s a Chinese restaurant serving delicious Ngiu Chap, which is different parts of the beef in yummy beef broth. It’s great that Kah Hiong decided to open a branch in Brunei a few months ago. Since opening, they had been very popular and normally it’s difficult to grab a seat – and parking can be quite troublesome to find. Nevertheless, one can say they have the best beef noodle soup in Brunei!


The Kah Hiong branch in Brunei is more comfortable than the Sabah branch, with air conditioners and comfortable seats unlike the original branch in Sabah, which is usually hot and sweaty especially during lunch time. You can come here in formal office wear and still be comfortably slurping the noodles and nom noming the delicious tender beef! Sorry my KK friends, our Kah Hiong rocks! LOL.


A secret recipe and a lot of work! Different parts of the cow, cooking in a beef broth for many many long hours until they are tender and delicious. I was at the restaurant one early morning and caught a shot of the boss in action. A good feature of Kah Hiong is that you can choose the beef parts you like the best, usually three types ~~ hurray for customized meals~


There are many ways to enjoy your Ngiu Chap. You can order just soup and beef parts (for those who avoid carbs), or you can have them with their in house kolomee tossed in dark soy sauce (yum yum), or you can order them the Sabah style – beef parts with bee hoon and soup, then add that spicy hot Sabah chili.


A word of warning – this Sabahan chili is HOT – yet so addictively delicious with the soup.


Some people like beef tripe, beef lungs or beef stew but my favourite beef part has to be the beef tendon – usually very tough but when cooked for hours – it turns into a soft jelly like texture! Collagen yummy goodness!


Those who love Kolomee, noodles tossed in dark soy sauce, can request to omit the soup and just mix the beef parts with the noodles ~~~ dry saucy version ~~ hmmm ….

DSCF3614 (Medium)

For a good high protein meal, I would order beef tendon and beef brisket in beef broth – with a few droplets of the hot chili – and skip the kolomee (n00000000000!!). Recent gym reads shows that beef broth actually improves absorption of the animal proteins for muscle growth! So my hardcore gym readers – what are you waiting for? Kah Hiong for a post workout meal? Oh YES! NOM NOM NOM NOM!


At night, they serve a Herbal version – the Bah Kut Teh soup if you are into a more herbal taste! Quite a few of my friends, such as AnakBrunei loves this version!


If you fancy laksa~~ they do serve their version of Kuching Laksa, it’s not too rich and not too spicy. Suitable for those who prefer their laksa mild.


Fancy some laksa to go with that beef broth ~~ and some kolomee at the same time? Yes – Let’s go to Kah Hiong!

Kah Hiong is situated in Gadong and is in between a car workshop and a photograph studio PHOTOMAS. Other notable landmarks such as Seng Hoe Huat, CAC.A Mohammed restaurant and OSLAM restaurant are in the same simpang. The signboard will read Restoran Tamu Semerbak sdn bhd.

Opening Hours: 7:30 am till 3pm – break then open again from 5:30pm till 9:30 pm (Bah Kut Teh Version)
Address: No. 21, Ground Floor, Block E, Complex Hj Daud, Jalan Gadong,
BE2719, BSB, Negara Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673 244 3078

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