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Chili Vanilla - Kota Kinabalu Food Guide For Tourists – walking distance from Centrepoint

Here’s another series of restaurants within walking distance for tourists who are staying around Centrepoint, Suria Sabah or Gaya Street areas. This time we will look at CHILI VANILLA – A modern style Hungarian cuisine and other European food into the mix. The head chef is Hungarian Szilvia Pinter.



It’s located on the same row as the well known Little Italy, Ang’s hotel, and El Centro. It’s also right next to Moonbell restaurant, A Mongolian restaurant we’ll check out next time!



It’s a pretty cosy little restaurant, pretty tight in terms of space, suitable for dinner dates and casual outings for smaller groups. I don’t think it’s child friendly due to the small space and you would probably disturb other guests if you do bring toddlers.



They have traditional Hungarian Goulash but I wasn’t keen on that – so I decided to go simple and order the soup of the day. A creamy pumpkin soup which was quite heart warming.



Another appetizer I ordered was their Frikadelle – a very delicious fried meatballs stuffed with cheese and served with crisp salad leaves and a delicious salsa dip which complements the meatballs well. This is a must try dish!



The smoked duck tortilla is one of the signatures as well. Sliced smoked duck, with melted cheese sandwiched between toasted tortillas. Oh yes! Delicious! Give me more please!



I also ordered one of their pasta of the day – smoked duck creamy pasta (I' simply love smoked duck) – the smokiness of the duck marries well with the creamy sauce. 



There’s plenty of desserts to go for actually such as their Red Velvet, Mango Trifles, Brownies and Tiramisu as we’ve exhausted our tummy space from a full day’s worth of food tasting. The next time you’re around Gaya Street and want a nice cosy or romantic dinner for two – do stop by Vanilla Kitchen!


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Click on the map for walking directions from Imperial Boutec Hotel Centrepoint or Warisan Square to Chili Vanilla.

The good news is that this restaurant is nearby Ang’s Hotel (best chicken wings) and Sin Kee (Bah Kut Teh) – Check out both of them too!

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