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Brunei Restaurant Review: Best Laksa (Curry Mee) In Brunei

After a good food trip from the town that gave you the iconic assam laksa and curry mee (which to me is curry laksa), I wondered where one can find good curry mee in Brunei. There are various types of laksa – the Assam Laksa of Penang, The Curry Mee (Curry Laksa) of Penang, The Kuching Curry Laksa and The Singapore style Curry Laksa.


In this blog post, we’re not going to talk about Assam Laksa. Instead we’re going to check out my favourite version of Laksa, which is loaded with spicy laksa paste and santan: the iconic Curry Laksa or Curry Me. I had quite a few curry mees in Penang – the famous Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee and the Hot Bowl White Curry Mee


The Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry mee has fresh cockles, prawns, squid, tofu pok and a generous serving of coagulated pigs blood, a love it or hate it – tofu like texture blood.


The famous Hot Bowl White Curry Mee in my opinion has better tasting pigs blood (better texture) and you can adjust how much curry paste you wish to add. It’s pretty good. In my opinion, is the better tasting of the two Curry Mees – or Curry Laksa. One then ponders – do we get good quality Curry Laksa in Brunei – the answer is yes – and you’ll be surprised to hear that I actually preferred the one in Brunei ~~ where is this delicious place you ask? Read on to find out!

DSCF5622 (Medium)

Step forward Restaurant Soon Lai (Aliran Maju) – home of the delicious Curry Mee. This restaurant is located in Menglait, just opposite the recently burned down spare parts shop in Gadong (near the shell station). Another landmark is that it’s below restaurant Kimball restaurant (formerly known as Big Thumb restaurant).

DSCF5623 (Medium)

One look at the cockles and you can see it’s pretty raw! The laksa is pretty much piping hot, so if you don’t like your cockles raw, just mix it all in to slightly cook it. This in my opinion is better than the two famous curry mees in Penang. Don’t believe me? Give this a try!

DSCF5625 (Medium)

They also serve Hokkien Mee (Prawn noodles) which are pretty good but not up to Penang’s standards yet. A great dish with good prawn soupy flavours nevertheless if you are looking for a lower calorie version while dining with friends in this restaurant.

DSCF5626 (Medium)

Jun and Ying enjoyed their Curry Laksas ~~ do check out this place! Please take note that this restaurant is a non halal restaurant.

In my next post, I will reveal another place for good Claypot Singapore Laksa!

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