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Manila Restaurant Reviews: Va Bene Pasta Deli

There are times in life when you sat down at a restaurant – took a bite of the food and you need to hold back that feeling of tears about to come out of your eyes. That my friend is one of the best feeling in the world to a foodie like me. It is rare though to get it from my non-foodie brother – who doesn’t fancy food as much as me – one who doesn’t get very excited about food – and is more interested in big portions and deep fried or grilled goodness. But when we dined at Va Bene Paste Deli ~ my brother admit – he had to hold back his tears – one dish really took him by surprise and we will reveal it in this post.


What’s interesting about this restaurant is that – it’s location isn’t that ideal.

DSCF1422 (Medium)

It’s located at a Petron station, it’s on the second floor, it’s located in a location where parking is almost impossible plus it would be difficult to find a cab around here too.

DSCF1418 (Medium)

The d├ęcor isn’t something to rave about as well – plus if you notice – it’s pretty cramped to squeeze in as many diners as possible – expect a crowded dining experience – not too poshy~~

DSCF1340 (Medium)

It’s very difficult to get a seat if you do not reserve as well! You wonder – why is such a restaurant so packed?

DSCF1329 (Medium)

No joke ~~ with the odds stacked against them – they are still featured as one of Esquire best restaurants in the Philippines…

DSCF1330 (Medium)

They’re also nominated for the Manila Best Kept Secrets award for Best Italian Restaurant and Best New Comer – and in the hearts of many foodies in Manila – they were the winners in their opinion and I have to agree – they probably didn’t win because they weren’t fancy enough but who cares about that … they are good because of their great Italian food! *Update* They actually won the Best Italian Restaurant award!

DSCF1326 (Medium)

After half an hour of waiting outside the restaurant, I finally got a seat! Hurray!

DSCF1334 (Medium)

They make and sell their pastas here – freshly made pasta – now that’s a big selling point!

DSCF1339 (Medium)

You know that when you use Farina double 0 flour for your pastas – you’re in for some awesome ones!

DSCF1338 (Medium)

Our complimentary starters were this yummy tomato bruschetta! A very good starter!

DSCF1351 (Medium)

We ordered the Polipo salad to start our Italian experience. Braised octopus sliced thinly and served with semi sundried tomatoes, olives and arugula salad in lemon dressing. Looks pretty and taste good as well!

DSCF1345 (Medium)

Their mushroom cappucino soup with truffle oil is simply amazing – loving that sensory kick of truffle!

DSCF1387 (Medium)

Italian style potato gnocchi, with gorgonzola cheese, wild nuts and arugula. The texture of the gnocchi was good and the sauce was not bad – normally I would rave about this but compared to the other pasta dishes – this good dish had to take the backstage.

DSCF1396 (Medium)

Here’s a beautiful dish! You almost don’t want to eat it. Rolled Spinach Canelloni with smoked ham and swimming in a creamy tomato sauce. Oh yes!

DSCF1379 (Medium)

This is their organic eggs tagliolini with Portobello mushrooms, white wine cream sauce and a dash of good old truffle oil! MAMAMIA!

DSCF1363 (Medium)

Now this is the dish I was raving about! Va Bene Pasta Deli signature Black Squid Ink Tagliolini, with seafood marinara in a light tomato cream sauce! You don’t have to worry about staining your teeth black! My brother and me had to hold back our tears because it was so good! My brother insisted on ordering another plate of this dish – claiming he will never feel complete if he left Manila without ordering another helping of this!

DSCF1393 (Medium)

Despite having so much pastas ~~ we still have room for dessert ~~ Affogato to begin ~~ hmm ~~

DSCF1395 (Medium)

A cup of latte to wash down the desserts ~~

DSCF1404 (Medium)

This is their prosecco and raspberries parfait, with white chocolate mousse, and sliced strawberries. Italian desserts are usually down to earth and simple ~~ and who can say no to parfaits?

DSCF1406 (Medium)

Strawberries A la Milena ~ Marinated strawberries in balsamico, black pepper and vanilla ice cream, served in a glass. Hmm… what a way to end our dinner!

DSCF1417 (Medium)

When we finished dining – we were the last customer so I got the chance to take more shots of the restaurant.

DSCF1415 (Medium)

Like I said – nothing too fancy but who cares when the food’s this good?

DSCF1420 (Medium)

A nice shot of their kitchen – they did a good job cleaning up!

DSCF1411 (Medium)

I’m proud to say this place is a MUST visit restaurant if you dine in Manila! Highly recommended with two thumbs up! Great thanks to Mikka Wee from Pepper.Ph for recommending this place!

DSCF1414 (Medium)


Va Bene Pasta Deli

2nd Floor, Petron Gas Station, Edsa Corner Pasay Road,
Dasmarinas, Makati City
(Across Dusit Hotel, Edsa side)

Opens Tuesdays-Saturdays only
11.30am to 2:30pm and 6.00pm to 9.30pm

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