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Kota Kinabalu Food Guide For Tourists – walking distance from Centrepoint – Seng Hing Restaurant

For the ultimate compilation of the Kota Kinabalu Food Guide – Where you can find the best food within walking distance. Click here for the KK Food Guide for Tourists!

Having travelled to Kota Kinabalu on a consistent basis and blessed with great friends – I would always have transport to go to various places outside of town to dine. Locals would stress that most of the good food’s out of town and not within walking distance but I beg to differ – there are definitely good eats to be had within walking distance! This guide is specially for those who are staying around Imperial Boutec Hotel, Warisan Square, Centrepoint, Suria Sabah or Gaya Street areas. All within 20 minutes walking distance (for an average healthy person of course). Welcome to Part III of the KK series – this time we introduce to you Seng Hing Restaurant.

Seng Hing Restaurant is located just behind Le Meridian Hotel in Kota Kinabalu along Sinsuran 2. It boasts it’s title as having the best Tom Yum Bee Hoon in KK and also having very good Tuaran Mee (a famous delicacy from Tuaran, about 45 minutes drive from town). '

Picture of the restaurant thanks to Meitze, she believes this place boast one of the best Tom Yum Soup in town and I have to agree with her. It’s sour and spicy kick is something to be raved about!


Picture of this Tom Yam Noodle courtesy of Meitze


This is my all time favourite dish of Seng Hing – their huang jiu tuaran mee. Tuaran mee on it’s own is already pretty good – but the addition of Huang Jiu (yellow wine), home made by the restaurant and stir fried together gives a fragrant sweet rice wine taste to the noodles! OMG – heavenly! I usually order mine with their signature crispy fish slices for my Tuaran mee. If you had not tried this dish while you were in KK, you’re missing out!


Meitze has a better looking picture of this Tuaran Mee in her blog – I think she went full blast on the toppings!! ~~ great photography!


While the restaurant is famous for their Tom Yum and Tuaran Mee, there are other dishes that are quite popular there such as this YU WAT (shaped fish paste) soup – has a sour salty taste to it. Like salted vegetable soup. (same shop but different stall – selling Yu Wat Soup and Chicken Rice)


Anyone tried Mongolian Chicken Rice at Seng Hing? I gave it a shot and wasn’t very impressed. It’s quite cheap and if you’re in a mood for chicken rice, I supposed it’s ok. (same shop but different stall – selling Yu Wat Soup and Chicken Rice)


Seng Hing have pretty decent fish slices curry with long beans and eggplant – pretty spicy and delicious – but I prefer the curry at Ang’s Hotel (which is nearby – soon to come in next post).


This dish deserves a special mention. This is their Thai Style Crystal Phoenix Claw (or chicken feet for those who don’t eat Dim Sum often). What I like about this dish is that they’ve taken off the bones so it’s easier to eat and served it in a sweet, sour and spicy salad – this tastes a bit like the jelly fish salad you get in Chinese Restaurants – a good dish in my opinion and good to share with your friends to nibble with your other dishes! A must try!


There are some other signature dishes that I’ve yet to try in Seng Hing but I saw quite a few customers order them when I visit: Bittergourd Fried Bee Hoon (which is interesting as I always like stir fried bittergourd as it’s very healthy yet delicious if you fry them correctly), their Wa Tan Hor (stir fried kway teow with an egg swirl sauce) and their Laksa, some claimed it’s very good! (the next stall with Yu Wat and Mongolian Chicken). I tend to come here for their Yellow Wine Tuaran Mee and have no space to order these dishes – if you come as a big group – it might be a good idea to order and share just to have a taste! (no pictures obviously cause I didn’t order them!)


Drinks wise – they got plenty of options to choose from but I always go for their Xiao Huo Chau (remove heat grass tea – direct translation) as I’m always eating so much in KK and getting too heaty! They also got 3 layer milk tea for those with a sweet tooth! There’s also a stall selling Lua Han Kuo (another cooling drink) just outside the restaurant!


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Just 5 minutes walk from Imperial Boutech Hotel to this yummy restaurant!

Kedai Kopi Seng Hing
(Location: Ruang Sinsuran 2, Near Le Meridian Hotel and Centrepoint)
Block E Lot 10, Sinsuran Complex, Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-211594
Business Hours: 7:00am - 4:00pm


  1. LOL!!!

    Thanks for featuring me here! Love their Tom YuM!!!


  2. Thanis, u should try the real tuaran mee at tuaran distric, only 30 mis drive. KK tuaran mee alot of modification, just looked at ur pic the tuaran mee wasnt really look the same, the noodle size one look like kolomee egg noodle and the other look like the regular dried noodle from the pkt. Im from tuaran. I recommend u to try " Tai Fatt Restaurant" wet fried tauran mee with beef, i guaranteed youll amaze with just one bite. Super Yummy!!

  3. Dear Amirah,

    Yes I've been to Tuaran Mee in Tuaran town before and I do love their Tuaran mee and the Seng Hing one is different - this section I am writing is for those restaurants within walking distance for the convenience of tourists :)

    Thanks for the recommendation and I do miss the Tuaran mee there!