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Kota Kinabalu Food Guide For Tourists – walking distance from Centrepoint – Tambayan Filipino Cuisine

Having travelled to Kota Kinabalu on a consistent basis and blessed with great friends – I would always have transport to go to various places outside of town to dine. Locals would stress that most of the good food’s out of town and not within walking distance but I beg to differ – there are definitely good eats to be had within walking distance! This guide is specially for those who are staying around Imperial Boutech Hotel, Warisan SquareCentrepoint, Suria Sabah or Gaya Street areas. All within 20 minutes walking distance (for an average healthy person of course). In this post – we check out Tambayan Filipino Restaurant – a great place if you’re in for some serious fatty goodness! *warning* Sinful meal ahead!

Tambayan is located around API API Centre, which is in between Marina Court Apartments and Asia City. One of the best things about this restaurant is that it opens even at 3 am in the morning! A good place to have a very sinful supper after a late night out clubbing. It’s less than 10 minutes walk from Centrepoint area – to find API API – look out for McDonalds API API.

Tambayan serves good sinful Filipino cuisine and are famous for their pork dishes. Come here for dinner or supper and be ready to stuff yourselves silly.

Their most popular dish is this mixture of minced pork and spare parts – sizzling on a claypot and served with a sunny side up egg. It is a personal favourite of mine – strong porky flavours! Some might baulk at the pork innards mixed into this but I’m loving this. Sisig ~~ a must try dish of Tambayan!

This crispy pata is another of their signatures. Pork Knuckle fried till super crispy on the outside and gelatinous goodness on the inside. Be ready to indulge! This should be enough to feed 2-3 people! After a late night party, this fatty crispy goodness is a very unhealthy delicious munch ~~ but ~~ who can resist?

Beef Bulalo ~~ hmmm simply hearty beef soup Filipino style!

If you still want some more pork ~~ you can order Pork Soup ~~ hmmm …. more pork belly please!

379027_10150432008996417_1799555899_n Stuffed Squid ~~ hmmm ~~

373942_10150431980006417_1201630896_n Gotta have some veggies to counter all the fatty pork ~~ Chop Suey ~~

14569_10151155833646417_917029366_n This grilled eggplant omelet is something new to me as well – I think they grilled the eggplant (butterflied cut ) and then make an omelet out of it ~~ I personally love it!

382117_10151155833161417_1194890610_n Beef Kare Kare – a curry like sauce Filipino style. I personally would had preferred Pork Kare Kare but we ordered too much pork already! Gotta balance it up a bit.

376109_10150431984696417_1984216370_n Their spaghetti reminds me of Jollibee!! A sweeter version of a bolognaise sauce.

Lagonista ~~ Special Sweet Pork Sausage – Filipino style

It’s cheaper usually to get their package meals – which usually includes both Sisig, Crispy Pata and Bulalo ~ so do ask the waiter for options. One thing to consider though about this place is the hygiene factor – it’s not the cleanest and most comfortable place to sit in but I overlook that because the food’s to my liking but if you are very concerned with these comfort and cleanliness – then you might not feel comfortable in this restaurant. Just my two cents worth. For me – this is one of my fav go to places to eat when I visit KK ~~ and it’s less than 5 minutes walk from Imperial Boutec Hotel – and open up till the wee hours in the morning – suitable for having supper after a heavy night of clubbing!


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Tambayan At Kainang Filipino
Blk 3 Ground Flr, Api-api centre,
Kota Kinabalu.
Email :
Tel : 016-8182008
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