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Charmy Snow Ice is coming to town~

There is a new hangout place in town! Charmy Snow Ice! This is specially good in Brunei where the seasons are 'hot summer' or 'very hot summer'.

The atmosphere and ambience is icy cool!

A nice place to really 'chill'! Hee hee.

It also has a nice cosy feel to it, especially if you are feeling the hot weather- pop in for a nice bowl of....

Nice and Cool and Refreshing Textured~~ Snow Ice!

This is Milk flavour!

Strawberry flavour

They are not even letting me snap the pictures before eating it!

Peanut Flavour

Mango~ My favourite flavour amongst all

Green Tea with Azuki Beans

Coffee Flavour

Yogurt Flavour

As soon as it hits the table, my mates already popped their spoons and forgot I wanted to take the pics!

We tried out all the basic flavours but there's other ones which include toppings. Since it's still soft opening, we haven't gotten the privilege yet.

Everyone's fighting for their favourite flavours! Oitz! Save some for me! I'm busy taking pics!

A nice place to hang out with your friends!

Just be sure not to eat too fast like me and get brain freeze! LoL

After all that ice, A LOT OF ICE, have some nice sip of hot tea. Ahhhhh~~

Look out for DeeJay, which is same block as McDonalds Gadong. Then go upstairs. You won't miss their sign~ Charmy Snow Ice


  1. Slrrpphh...I MUST GO There when i go back Brunei.. Sooo Mouthwatering..

  2. i havent gone there myself yet but my brother told me that place is very overprice? plus the fruit they use is not fresh enough?

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    frens been describing this place n the snow ice to me and i was sooo confused. thanks for the pics. its wat we called shaved ice here!!!

  4. If you didn't introduce me your blog I'll not know there is such a nice place in Brunei. thanks man.

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    so much does the ice cream cost each?

  6. Anonymous4:49 PM

    is this halal?