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Mid Autumn Festival at the Temple in Bandar

I know it's quite late to post this but here are some pictures from the Mid Autumn Festival celebrations at the Bandar Temple. Out of topic from my blog, but I must share pictures of those beautiful lanterns. Too bad I came a bit late and missed most of the lanterns. Click on the photos to get a clear view of the beautiful lanterns. It makes a big difference :)

The lanterns are made by students apparently but of course with help from adults. They are very creative and it's great to see beautiful handmade lanterns.

Pirate ship! That must had taken a huge amount of work to make.

Notice a Winnie the Pooh lantern? Seriously cute.

A rooster and a parrot.

There are many more lanterns and I regret not taking more pictures. Maybe next year I will come earlier and take more photos.

Traditional Chinese Show. It's even got subtitles on the side so the audience can understand what they are saying despite the noisy atmosphere but I didn't snap the pictures of the machines!

A nice blend of traditional costumes don't you think?


  1. Hello there.. I stumbled into your blogspace (ok..actually I followed your link from after looking up a beef rendang recipe) and was just thrilled to see that you are located in Brunei... where I was born. I am currently raising a family in Texas, USA and long to visit family in Miri and KL, friends in Brunei etc etc Which is why I really enjoyed the pictures,
    especially the food ones. Thanks for the great recipes and ideas. I look forward to visiting your blogsite now and then. You are doing an excellent job.
    p.s. Thanks for the rendang recipe!

  2. eh... u didn't bring me... i want to go lah... look so good...

  3. Sharon - I think you were in Melbourne at that time ka?

    Louisa : Texas ? Wow that's a long way from home. Glad you liked my site :)

  4. Last year when i went to the temple (a little to late) during the mid autumn festival. There was not much to see anymore.

    Sigh, this year i did not go =/ People around me not interested in going.