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Malacca: Satay Celut CAPITOL

Malacca is famous for it's Formosa but I tell you - if you ask Malaysians what you must not miss in Malacca, it would be there famous "Satay Celut". It's a very unique way of eating satays.

As you can see, the restaurant is full when I got there and already got people queuing up already, it just opened for less than 15 minutes already so full! I decided to let my friends queue while I sneak in for previews of what to expect~~ Nyum!

Basically you got all different types of food on sticks to choose from. The ones on sticks cost RM0.50 per stick.

As you see, there are some stuff that's on plates, those costs more but I didn't really bother much about the cost. It won't be expensive.

Now here's the interesting part, see the steamboat like stuff in the middle of the table? Looks like they are dipping the satay sticks into the sauce.

It is a steamboat style concept but they use a satay sauce with their special blend of spices.

My friend then called me and let me know we finally got table - I noticed there's still a long queue.

While waiting for the satay sauce to be ready, I've already selected lotsa stuff to dip into the hot satay sauce to cook. Yum...

They had not stirred in the spices yet so have to wait a bit ...

So I decided to take a picture of the other table.. notice the gas tank next to you - better not smoke ah for safety purposes - what better way to discourage indoor smoking ^_^

I ordered young coconut drink to cool myself in this hot weather - after a long walk around Malacca, this is one refreshing beverage with an Ommmpph~~

Start cooking!!

Look at that~~ !

Would you look at that prawn - yum~ absorbs the flavours of the satay sauce~~ hmm...

Nyum~ sorry for not taking enough pictures of the food but I was too busy eating and didn't want to dirty my digicam. It's not a posh place after all ;)

After we finished eating and paid the bill, look outside and you can see an even longer queue, so happening la this place, I can understand la. Cheap, good and tasty. Queue one hour also people willing to queue. A lot of people come from around the world to eat at this place.

Ok - I admit I can be a pig cos even after eating the whole day and eating at Satay Celut - I still got space to go pasar malam to hunt for food - of course la! If don't eat today, dunno when can come here to eat again le! Must go all out! Grrzz. Here is a picture of the famous Nyonya Bah Chang(Rice Dumpling). Malacca is famous for Nyonya cuisine.

I placed my Nyonya dumpling on my plate of oyster omelet which is equally enticing. Notice that it has a blue colour dye on the dumpling. It is actually made from a blue flower found in Malacca.

The dumpling has a slight spicy and sweet meat filling which is a unique and tasty experience. One of the things you must try in Malacca as well.

After all that, still got space for dessert - bought this peanut coated kuih from some uncle's stall in the pasar malam. Hee hee...

An interesting thing happened while driving back from Malacca to KL. I actually saw a car in front of me that has the same number as the car I drove in Brunei, 2688! What a coincidence! Anyway, that was a super long post - I hope you'll get the chance to visit Malacca and try their famous Satay Celut and Pasar Malam.


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    This is interesting - all I read about Melaka food is the chicken rice ball and nyonya food.

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Hi Thanis
    I actually tried something similar to this before in one of the stalls in Petaling Street, KL but what we had was steamboat sauce instead of satay sauce. Yummy pics you posted here.

  3. Jewelle: The satay celut needs a bit of a walk from the popular town area - but locals from Malacca would usually recommend this place.

    ly: Interesting - I think I saw them as well - usually they have steamboat soup or porridge right?

  4. Anonymous2:58 AM

    2688? Heh. Nice~