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Creamy Cornflake Chicken Recipe

Sometimes things can get really hectic and you can find yourself too tired when you arrive home from work and realise that you have less than 2 hours to get ready and still have to cook for a family function and maybe a potluck party. At times like these, reaching for the phone or thinking of ordering from a restaurant is always an option but we will surely have one recipe that's fast, easy and enough to feed your hungry guests. I have this recipe that I really like and it's damn easy to make if you have all the ingredients ready - yet your guest will think you take three hours to make it. Now here we go!

Creamy Cornflake Chicken Recipe

6 boneless skinless chicken breasts - cut into four pieces each breast (More if you want - just remember to adjust the seasoning)
1 can cream of chicken soup (cream of mushroom should be okay)
1 250ml container sour cream (or yogurt)
2 cups corn flakes
lots of shredded cheddar cheese; enough to cover the chicken pieces

To marinade chicken: You can make your own spices combo to your liking but this is my simple version.
dried parsley
salt and pepper
curry powder
extra virgin olive oil (drizzle generously)

Please remember to preheat oven to 175 degree celcius before everything else!
1 Place chicken breasts in a baking pan and sprinkle a generous amount of your very own spice mix. (Another special blend I use is Taco Seasoning Mix with extra virgin olive oil for that Mexican kick!)
2 Spread chedder cheese to cover all the chicken.
3 Mix Cream of chicken soup, sour cream and cornflakes together in a separate bowl.
4 Pour over the chicken pieces. Add extra cornflakes at this stage if you want it to be crispier on top.
5 Bake at 175 degrees celcius, for 45-60 minutes (time will depend on your oven).

There you have it. A simple easy dish. Add spice mix to chicken and rub. Lay on plate. Cover with cheese, mix cornflakes with creamy stuff and pour over chicken, leave it in the oven and then get ready for your potluck party or family function. By the time you are ready (girls who take more than an hour aside), you should be just in time to take out the tasty dish.

Your guests will love how moist and tangy the chicken will be and the slight crunch from the corn flakes. Bon Appetit!


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hi've got a great site here. My brother recommended it. I tried this recipe and it was a hit with my 3 kids! So, thank you! It'll be a monthly staple from now on.

  2. Glad you like the recipe Lina. I hope there will be more recipes for you to try next time in my blog :)