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Fried Cola?

Chefs are getting more and more creative every day. I had actually seen shops selling LAKSA ice cream but I wouldn't try it. But today I found something I might like to try: Fried Cola.

A view of a new fast food making its debut at U.S. fairs this fall. Ping-pong-sized balls of batter made with Coca-Cola syrup are deep-fried, then served in a cup, topped with more Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry on the top.

"It tastes great," said Sue Gooding, a spokeswoman for the State Fair of Texas where Gonzales' fried Coke made its debut this fall. "It was a huge success." "Gonzales ran two stands at the State Fair of Texas and sold up to 35,000 fried Cokes over 24 days for $4.50 each -- and won a prize for coming up with "most creative" new fair food."

"The best I can hope for is that it's the original and hopefully the best fried Coke out there," he said.But Gonzales said the success of his fried Coke had inspired him. Next year's fair-goers can look forward to fried Sprite or -- for those watching their weight -- fried diet Coke. "We are trying to cut a lot of the sugar out of it. It has less calories but it's still very, very sweet," he said.

Go figure, but the fried diet coke thingy? If you wanna have dessert, why bother with diet ones? Diet coke tastes awful in the first place! Wonder when can we sample these ourselves though :)

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  1. Doesn't seem very healthy leh..

    Anyway, I'm no fans of coke, so ask me no chun. Hehehehe

  2. Me = Coke fan but didn't drink much anymore for health reasons.

    Yup..deep fried coke is like making a junk food even more junkier!

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