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Food that makes us happy Part II

It's another new week and let's have a look at foods that make us happy, part II! A couple of nice items that are affordable and easily available in Brunei (except for the turkey).


"This source of protein with low fat content is rich in tyrosine aminoacid which heightens the concentration of dopamine and noradrenaline . These are hormones that work within the brain and at the same time increase motivation and encourage reflexes, augmenting the organism resistance to stress.

A turkey, tuna or chicken sandwich are also good options".

That's why sometimes they say tuna and turkey are good brain foods. Choose tuna that is soaked in brine instead of oil though, to reduce your fat intake.


"Small quantities of red meat can be a good energy source. 85 grams a day suffice to considerably raise iron intake.

Abstention of red meat could cause more harm than benefit. People who are on this type of diet in order to reduce the cholesterol concentration in the blood are liable to suffer an iron deficiency (mineral which helps to oxygenize the tissues and provide them with energy) thereby causing fatigue and weakness".

Its always important to eat red meat in moderation though. Too much meat is never good for you, so eat a well balanced meal, insert more veggies into your daily diet.


"The taste for spicy sauces apparently is not only due to its flavor. Capsicin (this substance through which the pepper acquires its irritating power) stimulates the nervous terminals in the mouth and causes a burning sensation and the brain segregates endorphins which can produce temporary euphoria".

I remember a time when I went to an Indian restaurant in Australia and automatically assume they will make things milder for Australian public. So we ordered the extra hot and assumed it will be normal Indian curry. How wrong we were! The amount of water we drank, is enough to moisten a desert. Ok - exaggeration. If you got ulcer or gastric, don't take too spicy as well.


"Low dehydration is a common and often inadvertent cause of weariness.

When the body is lacking liquids the blood flow in the organs lessens and the function of same slows down. Do not drink water only when you are thirsty; the majority of adults require from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Refreshments, teas and coffee are NOT substitutes for water since they may cause diuretic effects and increase dehydration".

Now whenever you feel sad or down, maybe you need more water. Especially after you had a big hangover and you had been puking all night!


"A cup of coffee in the morning may be a good way to start the day. The caffeine in 2 cups of coffee are good for clearing the mind an feeling more vigorous for a period of up to 3 hours.

Some researchers feel that caffeine causes a low and passing increase in blood pressure and inhibits the hormone activity which produces drowsiness. Do not exceed more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day as more than that may produce irritability and nervousness".

I once poured Tia Maria into a friend's coffee without his knowledge and told him it's 'special' coffee - very strong. He loved the taste but since he's not very alcohol tolerant, he got high and kept raving bout the coffee. When he realised I poured coffee liquer with 35% alcohol content, the look on his face was priceless (especially when he's still high)

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