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Brunei Hidden Gems: Nasi Katok Sambal Cheese!

I posted quite a lot of cheap and nice places to eat lately and I'm going to introduce you another cheap place to eat. Have you ever been to a nasi katok place where there's a lot of different sambals to choose from?! Some call this place the Nasi Katok of Thousand Sambals ~~



They have quite a good range of different sambals for you to choose from to enjoy with the fried chicken and steamed rice.



Interesting ~~ Sambal Pinoy ~~~



What caught my attention was the Cheese Sambal ~~ omg ~~ anything with cheese is bound to be delicious! LOL ~~ soo typical of me!



You can even choose to add on some toppings to your nasi katok ~~~ this has gotta be the most customizable Nasi Katok place in Brunei!



I gave quite a few of their Nasi Katok a try ~~ they all have their own unique tastes and gives you more excuses to come back to try other flavours!



Obviously - my favourite is the Sambal Cheese B Nasi Katok ~~ the reason for the title of the blog post! It's kinda like having Jollibee Spaghetti ~~ spicy with a bit of cheesiness ~~ with fried chicken and rice ~ ooooh yes ~~ $1 ONLY!



Unfortunately - their sambals are NOT for sale ~ and be sure to ready some small notes ~~~ somebody must had tried to pay for Nasi Katok with $100, $1000 or $500 bills!



Pondok Nasi Katok 9894 is a nice nasi katok place that offers a huge variety of choices in terms of sambal as well as toppings -- getting the tile of most customizable nasi katok in Brunei and the one and only Nasi Katok Sambal Cheese! The name comes from the Simpang the stall is located at!

Nasi Katok 9894

To find it, its simpang 94 is just right after Gong Cha Delima (opposite Maktab Sains) .. turn in spg 94 and drive straight till you will see a pondok selling Nasi Katok on your left!


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Brunei Hidden Gems: Nasi Katok Buttermilk!

Nasi Katok is one of Brunei's most affordable staples. Priced at only $1, you get a piece of fried chicken, sambal (chili paste) and steamed rice. We Bruneians love our buttermilk chicken - so when we heard there's a place that combines two of our favourite food - nasi katok and buttermilk - we were SOLD! Both Marul and I decided to pay this special in house place a visit!



The place was pretty packed when we visited (maybe because it's around dinner time) According to my sources, this is a favourite spot for UBD students and RIMBA residents. Don't kill me please for sharing your fav food locations ~~~ sharing is caring ~~ ;)



Here's a list of their available menu ~~~ I love how everything is priced at the awesome cheap price of $1 per packet! We managed to try out the Nasi Katok Buttermilk Chicken and Nasi Katok Honey Chicken - unfortunately - the hati buyah and fish fillet were sold out by the time we arrived. You can choose your sambal from a range of Biasa, Pedas, Sambal Tomato, Campur - or Sambal Hijau Pedas. Personally if you can't decide or make up your mind -- go for the Campur (a mix of everything!)



I must say the combination of crispy fried chicken with buttermilk sauce and sambal is an excellent combo! The sweet buttery sweetness of the sauce is balanced by the spicy sambal! DOUBLE TRIPLE THUMBS UP!!! Can't believe this delicious packet of goodness is $1 only! After trying a few sambals - my fav is the Sambal Tomato to pair with the buttermilk sauce! See if you have the same taste as mine!



The Nasi Katok Ayam Honey is actually pretty good and goes well with spicier sambals - I recommend enjoying this with the Sambal Hijau Pedas!



Ahhhh ~~ all the crispy fried chicken with steamed rice ~~~ ready to be enjoyed with buttermilk or honey sauce ~~ then with added delicious sambal of your choice ~~ only $1! I reckon they must had sold more than 200-300 packs of these a day!



Here's the address for Nasi Katok Buttermilk SDK! Map taken from their instagram ~~ follow them @sdksignaturefoods

Address is no.22, Spg 148, Jalan 99, Kg Perpindahan Rimba.


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Brunei Hidden Gems: Where to get Soto with a good view?

Back in the old days - good food spread through word of mouth and back then things don't go viral very fast. Nowadays, whenever there's a good place to eat, you can be sure someone would instagram it or send it through whatsapp to their family and friends. Sharing is caring after all! Soto is one of Brunei's staple favourites next to Nasi Lemak and Ayam Penyet. A spiced comforting soupy bowl of noodles or rice vermicelli topped with chicken or beef and garnished with chilies and herbs, Soto is a must try when you visit Brunei. For this post - I'm introducing you two places that have serve Soto - one of Brunei's iconic beef noodles - with a great view!

The fun part of being in the Brunei Foodie gang is that you always have a gang of hungry food snappers happily food hunting with you!


Fancy a nice bowl of mouth watering Soto ~~ with a view of Kampung Ayer? Read on to find out more!


Soto Pabo


The first stall we visit is Soto Pabo - you can either get to here via boat or just drive towards Kota Batu - turn in at SPG 222.



You gotta love the view at Soto Pabo! Now on to the food!



Here's the menu ~~ naturally the Urat and Berubut caught my attention! Also notice the SUP GEARBOX! w000t!



Oh sweet combo of my favourite things to eat in a bowl!! look at the tendon and tripe ~~~ a beef textural heaven in a bowl!



Naturally ~~ we ordered the XXL Gear Box Soup!



Great view of Kg Ayer to enjoy a good bowl of Soto! While I have to say the soup is on the saltier side - I like the choices in terms of having urat and beurubt in my Soto!

Soto Pabo

Spg 222, Jalan Kota Batu



Soto Babu Nini


Soto Babu Nini is a bit further away - quite a drive along Kota Batu until near the Mentiri area.



#sotobabunini is gathering a cult following already on Instagram where people post their hipster shots of the view!


food food

They have quite a good selection of local favourites but their Soto is their main attraction - the best part? The prices are really cheap here!



You get free cordial drinks when you dine in here --- super thumbs up!



A down to earth slurpy bowl of Soto ~~~



Simple plate of Nasi Katok ~~ fried chicken with sambal and rice ~~



Or a plate of satay ~~~~



Enhance the experience with the great view ~~~ ahhh yess ~~~



Ahhhh ~~~ what an amazing shot!



My IG Soto pics are better than yours ~~~~~~



This spot is such a good place for budding photographers and models!



Wait for the right timing ~~ and your efforts will be rewarded! Nice shot Marul!



haha! Seriously love Gzul's pose and the awesome caption!



Soto Babu Nini

Spg 605, Nombor 605B, Kg Sg Besar, Jalan Kota Batu

(you can find the simpang as you drive along Jalan Kota Batu towards Muara)


Special Thanks to Marul and Gzul for the company and also the great photos!


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Brunei Cafes: Where to get the cheapest Espresso Machine Coffees in Brunei!

If you know the Brunei cafe scene, besides the growth of international coffee franchises, we do have a mushrooming effect of local artisan cafes. Unlike our traditional coffee shops/kopitiams, which usually serves Kopi O ranging from 50 cents to $1.50, these cafes serve coffees that range from $3 to $7 a cup - which many are willing to pay. Now what if I tell you ~~ there's a new cafe in town that sells these coffees ranging from $1.50 to $2.50!



You better believe it! This cup of latte is only $2!



A proper brewed coffee starting from $1.50 onwards!



At the moment - there's not much on their menu but the basic instant noodles ~~ you can have Indomie or Maggi, as well as some of their in house baked pastries.



Besides that - they also serve Indomie at about $1 per packet - and $0.50 per egg. Two packets of Indomie + one egg = $2.50.



The ambience is not bad as well ~~



Simple down to earth decor ~~



Have a look at the menu and you realized everything is so cheap! What?! How can this be so cheap you ask? For starters - the cafe is a training cafe in Maktab Teknik, to train students from their hospitality programmes to get a hands on experience in serving customers! You get your coffee at value prices while the students get valuable hands on experience with real customers!



The cafe was pretty busy when I visited - and this boy was working hard the whole time I was there. The training at LongHouse Training Cafe will be valuable to his career in the hospitality field! I also encourage patrons who visit here to be patient with the students as they are still in training. Give them some words of encouragement and a pat on the back if you enjoy their service - but be nice when things don't go your way and give good advice on how to improve their service. The instructors might add in more variety to their menu once they get it running for some time!



Where's the location? Maktab Teknik is at spg 125 (same junction to turn into Maktab Sains) near Delima Area. Turn in towards Maktab Teknik, and see the building where the red arrow is pointing? That's long house cafe!



LongHouse cafe is open from 8am to 3 pm from Monday till Thursday and also Saturday.

They are closed on Fridays and Sundays as well as the school holidays for Maktab Teknik.

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