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Brunei Sungkai 2017: SCR Xpress Citis Square


SCR Xpress Citis Square is a restaurant that is located at the first floor of Citis Square, from here you can see it’s balcony section, just right above the popular cafĂ© It’s A Grind. Today I’m going to introduce you one of the best value places to Sungkai in Brunei. Good food and comfortable setting, two proper Surau for you to pray later and the location is very strategic as well, your family can go jalan jalan after Sungkai!


At only $8.88 per adult – that’s a super bargain considering the comfortable ambiance! Despite the reputation of buffets at this price range notorious for not refilling constantly, I noticed that they were very quick with refilling and ensured everyone got to eat till they are satisfied!


They have both outdoor and indoor seating – notice there’s air-conditioning outside as well as fans.


The restaurant has quite a colourful interior setting and pretty spacious as well


They have a section with comfy tall seats to give some privacy and quality time for your family, dates or meetings.


Even the balcony side has air-cond and fans to keep you cool ~~


There’s two buffet lines: One inside and one outside so that the queue would be smoother ~~ both serving the same menu


Not surprisingly ~ with such a good value – SCR Xpress was full house the night I visited ~~ thank goodness for early reservation! You can see people of all ages enjoying a comfortable Sungkai dinner together ~~ pretty little kids friendly too if you noticed!


Let’s have a look at their appetizers first ~~ mmmm ~~~


The traditional favourite way to break your fast with dates ~~


Ulam Ulam with their Sambal ~~~


I quite like their sambal so I actually add this to everything ~ lol ~~ to dip the cucur, to dip the chicken ~~ sooo goood! Right balance of tangy and spicy!


The cucur was very popular but they are pretty quick at refilling them ~~~ everyone get to have as much cucur as they want


Naturally ~ since SCR is famous for their chicken rice ~~ you will see their popular yummy roasted chicken with their fragrant chicken rice on the menu ~~


Enjoy them with signature their chicken rice chili ~~ but I actually used their sambal for ulam ulam instead cos I like them so much ~~


Yummy Acar to go with the Chicken Rice ~~ mmmm ~~


Mmmmm ~~ chicken rice chicken rice ~~ usually one plate at most restaurants already $3.50


On the menu tonight ~~ we have beef curry ~~~ slices of tender beef swimming in that lovely curry !


Down to earth rich creamy ayam kurma ~~~ mmm ~~~


Ikan Tenggiri masak Assam Pedas ~~ mmmm ~~~ it’s good that they used a good fish instead of typical dory in some buffet spreads.


Stir fried bee hoon that would lap up all the kurmas and curry gravy ~~ ooooh yeshhh ~~~


Stir fried vegetables of the day ~~~


Soup of the day was cream of mushroom soup ~~~


Wash all that down with air bandung, orange cordial ~~~


Hot tea and coffee to end your meal ~~


Fresh cut fruits ~~ refreshing papaya and watermelon ~~


Rose Bandung Pudding/Jelly for dessert ~~~ mmm ~~~


My guests for Sungkai are foodies @bruneifooddiary Fiqah and Ziqah. It’s a pleasure to meet and share our Sungkai and of course social media tips ~~


Mmmmm ~~~ That is really a good spread in one plate!


Camera and IG Stories first before eating! Haha!


Flat Lay Shot of our Sungkai Dinner ~~


SCR Xpress can fit up to 180 pax ~~ but they were fully booked tonight ~~ be sure to call to avoid disappointment!


For every one person dining at SCRXpress ~ you get a $1 voucher at It’s a Grind for drinks! What a bargain!


It would be difficult to find any other place in Brunei that offers such a good value Sungkai buffet, with such a comfortable setting in this central location where you can spend some quality family time shopping, jalan jalan or go for a movie after Sungkai/Terawih Prayers.

SCR Xpress Restaurant Citis Square

1st Floor Citis Square

Tel: 2339391 or 7180315


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