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Brunei Sungkai 2017: Paddington House of Pancakes


I remembered the good times in Australia when I would have a satisfying all you can eat pancakes supper at the Pancake parlours so when Paddington House of Pancakes invited me over for their Flippin Good Ramadhan Buffet, I was pretty excited! This year the all you can eat will be available in both Berakas and Gadong branches.


The good thing about PHOP Sungkai All you can eat is that everything is freshly made to order - flippin good! Their decor is also quite instagrammable ~~


The Berakas branch is spacious and of course very kid friendly ~~


They have a kids corner specially for your kids to sit around and play ~~~


Waaaa so much choices ~~ what to choose le?! I want to eat everything but I scared I cannoy finish oo ~~ don't worry as PHOP will be serving smaller sampling sizes so you can try as much different things as possible! Best part is everything is cooked fresh to order – unlike buffet lines so there’s less food wastage!


These might be sampling sizes but they are still good for sharing ~~


Let’s quench our thirst first for Sungkai ~~~ you get free flow of bandung, iced lemon tea, mojitos or lemonde ~~ mmmm ~~ I’m a big big fan of their mojitos ~~~ always good to have some herbs in my drink ~~


If you’re a regular to PHOP – you will be no stranger to their crispy thin Dutch style pancakes – Pannekoek as well as their Galette! Maan ~~ Pannekoek, or some call Dutch pancakes that are thinner ~ usually served with savoury ingredients. I noticed a lot of people eating the Pannekoek like they are eating a pizza or slicing and tearing it bit by bit ~~ there’s actually a proper way to eat this ~~

DSCF3933 (Medium)[16]

You usually roll them up like this and then slice them to share ~~ this way ~~ you get a good mix of the ingredients together with the pancake ~~ yum ~~ #foodtips


This is the Munich Galette ~ diced chicken with vegetables,  creamy mushroom sauce and cheese!


One of my favourite is Brussels – a galette which has beef/chicken bacon, sunny side up egg, avocado served with baked beans and a very good home made dip which I love!


Honolulu – crispy dutch pannekoek topped with pineapple cubes, tomatoes, chicken bacon, mozarella cheese and topped with fresh mint.


Florence: grilled eggplant, mozarella, basil leaves, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and olives ~ their vegetarian is very nice!


Mexico pannekoek is a cheesy tomato chicken fajita served with lettuce, served with spicy tomato salsa and sour cream.


My friend Ping Sing is vegetarian – so we requested a Mexico Vegetarian version for her ~~ mmm ~~~


This is Tokyo – grilled chicken served with a tomato salsa, mushrooms and cheese!


Now for their savoury gourmet pancakes ~~ this is my favourite! Classic Buckleberry Pancakes, which is yummy scrambled eggs with vegetables, beef bacon, blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and a side salad. I normally enjoy this as an ALL DAY BREAKFAST! This would be very good to break your fast!


The Gourmet Pancake Alaska – which is crispy fried fish fillet on top of their mashed potato spicy pancakes and served with delicious fries, dip and side salad. PHOP uses very good fries by the way ~~


Monaco – zucchini pancakes topped with lamb chops and mushrooms. A clear favorite for those who enjoy lamb! The zucchini pancakes are a guilty pleasure of mine! Love them! I usually have two orders of these myself!


If you’re in a mood for something really meaty – you can go for their pancake burgers ~ meat patties with pancakes replacing the typical bread buns! You can choose to have chicken, beef or lamb patties for your burgers! This is the Aussie burger – how can you say no to that sunny side up egg!


Wellington – sesame puffins (pancakes) with grilled chicken with cheddar cheese peppers, pineapples, BBQ sauce, hash brown and potato wedges on the side! YUM!


Paddington House of Pancakes serves great pastas as well ~~ four pastas are available for the buffet – freshly cooked upon orders! This is the grilled chicken with avocadoes, tossed with a lovely pesto sauce!


Oooo my smoked salmon aglio oglio ~~~ *drools*


The Carbonara pasta is a PHOP best seller so be sure to try this ~~~


For seafood lovers ~ the seafood marinara pasta will be must order!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 12.52.26 PM

Did you know that PHOP has rice dishes too?


Due to popular demand – these special rice dishes are part of the Sungkai all you can order menu ~~ this is the chipotle rice ~~ a spicy rice dish ~~I love how they serve them in cute small bowls like that is just right for sampling! Order more if you love it ~~~ less wastage!


ooooo yesh ~~~ pesto seafood baked rice ~~ prawns and mussels anyone?


Something with a local inspired twist ~~ sambal chicken with rice ~~~


Something Mexican is their taco rice bowl ~~ served with beef and beans ~~


Now that’s a whole table of savoury goodness ready to be devoured! Mmmmm but I felt like something is missing ~~~~


Order a whole table of freshly cooked food to share with your family ~~ no need to even leave your table ~~ all will be ordered and served to you ~~


Gotta eat to feed the muscles ~~


Sharing is caring for these two ~~ hahaha ~~~


Oh wait! We forgot to order dessert! Yes – how could we visit PHOP and NOT have their dessert pancakes?! That would be the ultimate #FOODCRIME! Here’s the Oreo filled pancakes served with marshmallows and ice cream! Let the fun begin!


I am soo sooo sooo sooo sooo HAPPY that they include my all time favourite Sweet Crepe Rolls – the chocolate roll with peanut butter, served with oreo crumbs, chocolate sauce and crushed nuts – finished with a scoop of ice cream! OMG I am drooling as I am typing this part ~~ should had ordered 5 more of these just now! #love #omg #myfavourite #cantHelpFallinINLuvWithYou


Simple American Pancakes stack –blueberry filled pancakes served with ice cream, maple syrup and butter ~~ maybe some more peanut butter please!


The Treasure Box is indeed beautiful – mini bite-sized dollar pancakes, served with strawberries, lychee, bananas and peaches, crushed nuts, Hawaiian shredded coconut, topped with ice cream! *swoooons* Jack Sparrow was after the wrong type of treasure these whole time ~~


Now that was such a good meal ~~~ Mmmmm ~~~ Thanks Ping Sing and Jac for accompanying me to attack all the food tonight ~~~ hahaha ~~

Ramadan Buffet Menu - Berakas (Large)

Here’s a look at the Sungkai Menu: Note that there’s Rice dishes that are also available for the Sungkai All You Can Order

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-26 at 11.43.01 AM

The Sungkai All You Can Order is a very affordable $19.90 Child $8.90 – Available in both Gadong and Berakas Branches

Waffles are only available as Ala Carte/Take Away from Gadong branch (not part of the Sungkai All You Can Eat)

Business hours for Ramadhan:

#Berakas branch 12.00pm - 11.00pm

#Gadong branch 12.00pm - 12.00am

• 30% off on all #takeaway order from 11.00am to 5.30pm

• 30% off on all Ala Carte from 8:30pm to 12:00am

• Contact PHOP at 2331668 (Berakas) / 2430086 (Gadong) for early reservations

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