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Brunei Sungkai 2017: Kimchi Restaurant Korean BBQ Buffet


There’s nothing more delicious than to have marinated meats cooking on a BBQ but what makes it better is to enjoy them with lettuce leaves and pickled vegetables like Kimchi and some crispy Korean pancakes on the side! When Kimchi restaurant from Kiulap Regent Square, invited me to try out their All You Can Eat Korean BBQ, it was indeed an offer I couldn’t refuse!



Kimchi restaurant was fully booked when I visited that night so be sure to call in advance to book so that you can ensure you get a table for your family!



Or you can have a special Korean BBQ night with your friends and cousins ~~ chit chatting while BBQ-ing. Ohh yeshh ~~ now let’s take a look at what you can get for Kimchi’s Sungkai Promotion!



For starters – you will get these yummy Korean side dishes – the famous Kimchi (Korean style pickled cabbage), marinated bean sprouts and spinach, picked shaved radish and my favourite yummy marinated sweet potatoes! They are very good when you combine together with the BBQ items – simply eat them together with the cooked meat! Simply delicious combo of flavours!



They have quite a selection of marinated meats for you to choose from the menu: Lamb or Beef Bulgogi (slurps), Beef Teriyaki, Sliced Beef Short ribs (did someone say ribs? nom nom!), Chicken Teriyaki, Spicy Marinated Chicken and Sesame Ginger Chicken. Soo much choice!



For seafood, they have scallops and mussels on a half shell ~~~~ woo ~~ teenage mutant ninja turtles ~~ teenage mutant ninja turtles ~~ heroes on a half shell ~~ sorry that song was playing in my head ~~ these are indeed my heroes on a half shell ~~ can’t wait to BBQ them!



They also have marinated prawns and squid ~~ *drools*



Now let’s start the BBQ!! Now to wait for the meat to sizzle and cook ~~



One of the handsome staff at KImchi restaurant grilling the delicious ‘heroes on a half shell’ !



While waiting for my meats to be cooked, I saw this table of smiling happy customers just done with grilling some of their meats ~ eh can I join your table first? *stomach growling*



Dum dee dum dee dum ~~~ you can see how I am a big fan of seafood! Look at those scallops and prawns sizzling on the hot plate!



*gulp* Are these for me? Yes please!



Simply #foodporn #OMGBBQ man ~~ marinated squid ~~ *slurps*



Do you wanna build a snowman ~~~? I don’t care if Otto melts ~~ I’m just going to enjoy my hot fresh off the grill marinated squid!!


IMG-20140705-WA0042 *drools* Here comes the the sliced ribs!



Beef, Lamb or Chicken? Can I just have all of them!? Now pass me the lettuce!



The best way to make these grilled food taste even better? Wrap it with the lettuce ~~~ topped it with onions, kimchi and a bit of sauce ~~ OMG ~~~ I can almost hear a Korean Drama Theme Song playing at this very moment ~~~ The Koreans really know how to enjoy their BBQ man ~~~ *stuffs lettuce wraps into mouth* Ahhhhhhh heaven ~~~ NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Why not create your own special wrap? Scallops and squid lettuce wrap? Fried rice or fried noodles lettuce wrap? Be sure to #kimchibrunei and #sungkai2017 on instagram to showcase your skills in ‘MAKAN-ing’



Some of the other grilled items like crab meat, fish ball, fish cake and sausages for the kids~~ That’s all there is for the grilled items ~~ let’s eat ~~ Wait ~~ there’s more to come ~~? You mean besides the all you can eat BBQ ~ there’s other delicious Korean goodies to order from the menu as part of the buffet?! PASS ME THE MENU PLEASE!



Lovers of Kimchi Soup will be celebrating as the Kimchi Stew Soup is part of their all you can eat Sungkai Promotion! Hurray!! If you don’t like spicy soups – go for their alternative seaweed soup which is pretty good too!



They have three different types of Gimbaps as well. You can be forgiven for saying “aren’t these Sushi?” but Koreans have a proud culinary of their own and have their own style of rice rolls~ Kimchi offers original, bulgogi and tuna gimbaps. Eat them with together with kimchi ~~ it’s a totally different experience from sushi dipped in soy and wasabi. A must enjoy experience of Korean dining!



You can also enjoy your BBQ with plain rice if you’re used to having rice with every meal but note they also got Korean style fried rice and fried tanghoon as part of their Sungkai promotion.



Korean style Black Bean Saucy Noodles is another specialty on the Sungkai Menu so be sure to try it out!



I admit my most favourite thing to eat in the world is pancakes but one simply must try this Korean style crispy seafood pancake! They go very very well with kimchi or any other grilled meats!



Hubba hubba ~~ hello there sexy looking crispy pancake ~~~ that kimchi seriously goes very well with you ~~ shall I have you now? #CHOMPS #OMNOMNOMNOM



Oh yeah ~~ don’t forget to finish up with some desserts ~ such as the pudding, fresh fruits and ice cream ~~~



Kimchi is famous for their Pat Bing Su ~~ a popular Korean style iced kacang but using sweet potatoes, ice cream and corn flakes ~~  Ooo this is simply one of my favs for this buffet! 


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-26 at 11.42.59 AM

The Kimchi Sungkai BBQ Promotion comes at $28.90 per adult and $14.90 for children below the age of 12. Please make sure you call early to reserve your tables! Remember that there’s a $5 charge for every 200gm of wastage so please order only what you can finish.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-26 at 11.50.37 AM

By the way – if you are a fan of these new menu ~~~ you can order these ala carte during the buffet or you can tapao them during the daytime.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 10.03.34 PM

Kimchi offers 15% off take away orders 11am to 5.30pm. There’s also 30 percent off with some bank card promotions.



Besides the Kimchi BBQ Sungkai promotion – Kimchi is also offering a Sahur Promotion for their Shabu Shabu. Wait – there’s Shabu Shabu for Kimchi? Yes – they do! In fact, some customers usually have BBQ first and then finish with Korean style Shabu Shabu. The Sahur Promotion begins at 8:30 pm and ends at 11pm during the month of Ramadhan.



They have quite a few reasonably priced sets for Shabu Shabu on their dine in menu – such as this yummy land and sea combo!



Or you can go for other meaty and veggie sets like these ~~~ They got four different sets so do check out their dine in menu ~~ Kimchi is offering complimentary rice or noodles for Shabu Shabu sets if you dine in from 9 PM till 11:00 PM as their Sahur Promotion!



Side dishes to make your Korean Shabu Shabu even more enjoyable ~~



You can choose your type of soup – clear chicken soup, kimchi soup or seafood soup ~~



You can also order some side extras such as these udon and thin noodles ~~



Noodles make a pretty good condiment to soak up the flavours of the delicious soup ~~



Ooooo yes ~~~ when the soup is boiling hot ~~~ that’s the best time to nom nom and slurps!!!



I like to ladle some of the soup with the cooked seafood or meat onto the rice with some extra kimchi ~~ ahhh ~~ seriously indulgent! What a good idea to have Sahur at Kimchi!


And obviously – I ordered a big bowl of Patbingsu to end my meal ~~ a #foodcrime if you don’t finish your meal with this delicious dessert! Note that the Sahur promotion only applies to the Shabu Shabu sets and not this delicious Patbingsu ~~~

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