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Brunei Sungkai 2017: The Energy Kitchen Sungkai Platters


When The Energy Kitchen invited me for their Sungkai Platters, I was quite intrigued at the idea of something that is different from the typical Sungkai buffets that I usually cover during the month of Ramadhan.


The Energy Kitchen has always been a special restaurant dedicated to healthy wholesome eating in Brunei and I went with a few of my friends to check out what they have to offer!


The Energy Kitchen collaborated with Certified Nutritionist, Alexandra da Silva, hailing from Portugal to prepare four special unique platters to ensure a balanced and wholesome Sungkai dinner! 


Platters are centred around different cuisines ranging from Local, Thai, Middle Eastern and Western and have been carefully crafted by their chefs and nutritionist to give you the nutrients you require when you break your fast.


This is very good for small groups and you don’t need to queue or lineup to take your food. You just share a platter together with your loved ones or friends.


The Local Platter $45: Which features a more familiar platter for the not so adventurous and just want a healthier version of something that they are used to eating.


You get heart healthy brown rice with mixed seeds, served with local vegetables (ulam ulam) and home made sambal, and of course dates to break your fast.


Crowd favourite Salted Eggs ~~ mmmm ~~~ you will have clear soup to share with this platter.


I have to say their Tempe was really good!


Mmmm gorgeous Turmeric Ginger Lemongrass Chicken ~~ comfort food ~~'


Oooo sambal prawns ~~~ *drools*


last but not least – tenderlicious beef curry ~~ goes very very well with the brown rice ~~


The next platter is the Thai Platter $45 – showcasing a more oriental influence to this platter.


Of course – served with healthy brown rice and dates as your carbs ~~ and also clear soup for this platter ~~~


Chicken Satay Skewers with home made peanut sauce ~~~


The famous Energy Kitchen Mini Tofu Summer Rolls are part of this platter! YESH! Please remember to remove the wrapper before eating the rolls ~~ and you SIMPLY MUST dip them on this delicious dipping sauce – a main signature sauce that’s really yummy!


Stir fried Vegetables with tofu and mushrooms ~~


Thai style Steamed Mango Fish ~~ enjoy with the sauce ~~~ yum!


Always a fan of their signature Thai Green Curry ~~~


These coriander prawns were really yummy ~~~


The Western Platter: $50 provides a more Western influenced platter.


You start with the carbs ~~ everyone’s favourite Prawn Aglio Oglio ~~~ *drools*


Hearty roasted pumpkin soup with added mixed seeds for the extra crunch!


Roasted mixed vegetables and also mixed potatoes! A very colourful combination!


I’m always a fan of Apple Slaw – which is a slaw made with apples, cabbage and carrots ~~ the apples tend to add a certain natural fresh sweetness to it.


Croquettes served with their own home made vegan mayo.


Grilled Smoked Spiced Chicken Leg ~~ Mmmm ~~~


Last but not least is this gorgeous perfectly cooked salmon served with chimmichurri sauce! The star of the platter I must say!


The Middle Eastern Platter $50 is my favourite of the four because I happen to super love hummus ~~ lol ~~


Their hummus is not too oily and it’s served with their special super food flatbread ~ packed with nutrients! There’s also dates, silvered almonds, cherry tomatoes to enjoy with the flatbreads ~~


Served with roasted pumpkin soup with mixed seeds ~~


Refreshing sweet corn salad with pomegranates.


I really enjoyed eating this one ~~~ Quinoa Tabbouleh ~~


For mains ~ there’s this scrumptious Moroccan Chicken Meatballs which I really like ~~~


Gotta love those coriander prawns ~~~


The highlight of this platter at the center is their Spiced Grilled Lamb Shoulder and served with a delicious  Tzatziki!


Now all platters come with a set of drinks and desserts which you can choose from ~~~~


You get to choose from these fresh coconut water with lime ~~~ ahhhh ~~~~ all those electrolytes ~~ do you know coconut water has natural electrolytes?


or these Watermelon Selasih ~~ a twist from the traditional bandung ~ made with basil seeds and watermelon juice! Refreshing!


For dessert ~~~ you can choose this mixed sliced fruits platter ~~~


Coconut pudding ~~~


Or The Energy Kitchen signature chocolate cake!


The Energy Kitchen will also be conducting special Ramadan workshops every Wednesday at 6pm with certified nutritionist, Alexandra da Silva, who will be discussing the benefits of fasting, fasting as a natural healing and advising healthy way of breaking the fast. This will then be followed by a nutritious buffet dinner specially curated by her.


‘Fasting is a natural phenomenon of healing, because it slows down the normal digestive routine, and by doing this the body cleans itself and heals. But healing is not only cleaning but also building, so it’s essential we eat the right types of food and adopt healthy habits, so we can get the most of the fast and break it the right way.’


There are some foods and habits that we should consider during this period. For example to help the body cleanse itself when we break the fast, first we should eat fruit and vegetables, and then to help the body build we should eat beans, grains, nuts and seeds. However if we want renewal (to heal) we need to have the good habit of eating very slowly by chewing very well. Fasting purifies the body, and it is essential for renewal.


For those who aren’t observing Ramadan, The Energy Kitchen is also introducing Bento Boxes for take away range which is served with brown rice. Replacing white rice in your diet with brown rice which has a lower glycamic index. For those who wish to cut carbs they also offer an option to change brown rice to quinoa and cauliflower rice. Also back by popular demand is the Midnight breakfast which will be on 10th and 17th June, where a buffet style breakfast spread will be served with live cooking stations. With so many exciting events to look forward to The Energy Kitchen are excited for Ramadan and wishes a blessed Ramadan for all their Muslim patrons.


My guests for the night to sample the family style platters ~~ they really enjoyed the Sungkai dinner experience at The Energy Kitchen!


For reservations and queries contact The Energy Kitchen 2233323

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