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Brunei Food Court: Warung Pojok Indonesian Recipes


The Gadong Properties Food Court has been one of the popular eateries for the lunch crowd all these years and recently a new management who will rebrand the food court as The Nanyang Pantry.



The Nanyang Pantry management has been making new additions to the food court - Korean and Indonesian cuisine as well as introducing new cafe style drinks to th food court. You can also expect Indian cuisine to come in July. Remember to like them on Facebook Instagram @thenanyangpantry



Our main objective was to try out their latest addition to the foodcourt ~~ Indonesian Cuisine. To be honest - I am a big fan of Indonesian food and was skeptical whether the quality would be good in such small food court kitchens. When I had a taste of their Ayam Bakar Kalasan - I knew their food would be good so I dragged the whole Brunei Foodies gang over to try the food!



Warung Pojok basically means corner shop in Indonesia! They have pictures of the food to make ordering easier!



They got quite a few side dishes/appetizers to share on their menu ~~ the sambal telur is an obvious one to order ~~ *drools*



The Orek Tempeh is a good mix of nuts, ikan bilis and crispy tempeh stir fried with a sweet spicy sauce!



Or some crispy thin cucur tempeh to dip with sambal to start ~~



You gotta have your veggies - so order some to share such as this taugeh stir fried with salted fish ~~



or local favourite stir fried long beans with sambal



Surprised to see Kailan on the menu and I ordered it because I have a craving for kailan ~~ they cooked it pretty well - won't lose to a Chinese restaurant!



The sambal terung (eggplant) is really good! Texture wise and flavour wise - spot on!



Indonesian style salad ~~ gado gado ~~ veggies served with Indonesian style peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce ~~



Come come ~~ lemme feed you my dear ~~~



You can't really be an Indonesian restaurant without Ayam Penyet but I like their combination of Nasi Goreng Kampung with sunny side up egg and ayam penyet ~~ gorgeous!



Their Ayam Bakar Madu is pretty popular as well!



Their Ayam Goreng Belado might look spicy but I think most will be able to handle the heat of this one ~~ another good dish to try here!



Their Ayam Bakar Kalasan is actually my favourite chicken dish ~~ they use fresh coconut to make the sauce for this grilled chicken ~~ highly recommended!


009 Ikan Tenggiri Penyet DSC_3506selected

For those who prefer fish - their Ikan Tenggiri Penyet is another popular choice - lightly battered and deep fried ~~ kinda like Indonesia's answer to fish and chips! Crispy battered fish with sambal ~~~ mmm ~~ always a good choice!



Their Dry Assam Pedas Tenggiri really packs a flavoursome punch with a more concentrated dry fried assam pedas sauce to match with the fried mackerel!



If you love beef soups ~~ you must try their sup tulang - notice how tender that looks? *drools*



Reedah spotted Sup Tulang Merah on their menu ~ and oh boy ~~ we insist to order it even after we had sup tulang ~~ it was simply epic! Much like beef ribs stew ~~ but masak merah style ~~



Since they had tumpi on the menu -- Bruneian style fried dough ~~ we decided to dip the tumpi on the sauce ~~ ooooh my gawdd ~~~ what a good combination! We think the chef should start serving this sup tulang merah with tumpi in future!



Speaking of Tumpi -- the favourite Bruneian breakfast is actually in the menu! Choose between beef rendang or chicken curry to enjoy your tumpi with ~~ though we hope the Sup Tulang Merah version will come out soon!


WhatsApp-Image-20160531 (1)

I have to say - the prices are very very attractive for their specials! $10 for crabs and $12.5 for fish head?! That's a bargain! Who says you need to spend a lot to enjoy seafood in Brunei?



Seriously - I cannot believe this set is only $10! This Ketam Sos Padang is a must have! Thumbs up for the Padang sauce!



Big prawns in Padang Sauce for only $20! I really like the fragrant spicy sauce! Goes especially well with the rice!


002 Udang Nestum

You can also order the big prawns with Nestum style ~~ or Butter style ~~ local favourites ~~~ also for $20. Note that big prawns are subject to availability and supply from the local markets.



Their dancing fish and mango fish is $18 only. Pretty good price for fish dish! You can daaaance ~~ you can flyyyy~~~~ ooooohh ~~~ dancing fishhhhh~~



The Assam Pedas Fish Head is only $12.50! Cheap and nice!



Their Curry Fish Head is very fragrant and I could smell the spices while I was taking the photo ~~~ really wet my appetite man! $12.50 too! Can you believe it?!



A special mention for this dish which is something new to me ~ Warung Pojok's Salted Yolk Pandan Prawn is a revealation! I was very surprised when I tasted this - the pandan flavours goes surprisingly well here! Give this a try and tell me if you feel the same way! YUM! Genius!



Another dish that deserves a mention is the Laksa Kari Melayu which has the similar sweet sour flavour profile of Penang Assam Laksa but based on my taste - it's more towards Trengganu or Kelantan style Assam Laksa as they did not use prawn paste in this ~~ the ladies would love this!



For dessert ~~ we spotted their all day cucur ~~ so we decided to have some cucur pisang ~



The Cucur Pisang with shaved white truffle ~~~ HAHAHAHA ~~ #suspen #youwish #notWhitetruffle actually it's shaved cheese ~~~



To wash down all that spicy delicious Indonesian food - The Nanyang Pantry food court have quite an extensive selection when it comes to drinks - you might even take quite a long time to decide!



The Nanyang Pantry drinks section actually offers quite a great selection of cafe style drinks and mocktails! They have a barista who used to work in a popular cafe in Brunei! The prices are lower than cafes of course ~ pretty good value!



Nata Coco Pandan ~~ Nata De Coco (coconut jelly), basil seeds and pandan ~~ mmm ~~~~



The Ice Cool Vanila drink actually has a good taste of earl grey milk tea and matches well with the vanilla ice cream!



The Kasturi Lime Fizz is simply refreshing and perfect for the hot day!



They even have dessert! Who can say no to Rockmelon Sago dessert!! *DROOLS* That should cool down the hot spicy Korean or Indonesian food!


WhatsApp-Image-20160531 (2)

Man that was quite a big meal! I am glad that there's a great new place to enjoy Indonesian cuisine in Brunei and at pretty affordable prices!



They have set meals if you dine in with your family and friends ~~~ yay more savings!



The Nanyang Pantry



Note: This is a food court kitchen after all and they have quite a small kitchen with limited staff so there might be quite a wait if there's a big crowd so be patient with them if that happens. Perhaps one day - they can expand to a bigger kitchen to let more people enjoy more of their Indonesian recipes!

A4 Template Portrait - Ramadhan Special (1)

This is their Ramadhan promotion! Such a super bargain!

Warung Pojok Indonesian Recipe

The Nanyang Pantry Food Court

Gadong Properties

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Brunei Hidden Gems: Where to get the best curry puffs in Brunei!


One of my favourite things to eat is curry puff and what makes a curry puff delicious is how flaky and how saucy the curry puff is. A lot of curry puffs tend to be too dry on the inside but recently there's a nice place around Gadong that sells these gorgeous curry puffs. The puff pastry was crispy and flaky while the sauce as you can see - is pretty saucy!



They are fried hot and ready to be packed into boxes ~~ it's 70 cents per piece but if you buy 10 pieces, they are $6 in a box - a $1 discount so it pays to buy in boxes.



You can already tell they are very flaky and delicious from this ~~~ and I'm actually using my phone camera to take the picture ~~ really doesn't do this justice!



If that isn't curry puff porn ~ I don't know what this is ~~ simply saucy goodness!! *drools* They have chicken and sardine flavours but I haven't tried their sardine ones yet cause they were sold out both times i visited!



Mmm ~~ got egg inside the curry ouff ~~ YUM ~~



Simple and sweet packaging ~~



Nutrition facts, address and phone number is at the back of the box ~~



Look out for Kedai Kopi at the back of Semporna Restaurant around Gadong Properties.



Once you see this - you have reached your destination ~~ now go queue for the curry puffs quickly! They have other dishes at very affordable prices but I haven't tried them yet!


Kedai Kopi Brunei Old Klang Road Curry Puffs

Unit 109, Bangunan Kambang Pasang, Gadong

Tel no: 8686466

@kedaikopobn on Instagram


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Follow @Thanislim on Instagram and Snapchat


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