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Brunei Sungkai 2014: Ikura Sushi Restaurant


Many people had probably not tried dining in at Ikura Sushi Restaurant before and or actually heard of it but never got to try it. It’s located just right opposite Yugo BBQ in Gadong Central.



Ikura is located on the first floor and I’m here today to check out their Sungkai buffet. Personally I’ve dined in here before and to be honest,  I wasn’t impressed. I got word that recently they have acquired a new sushi chef and quality of their sushi and sashimi has improved a lot – so that’s a good news for us! My friend who recently went there highly recommends it!



Ikura’s buffet is more affordable and more to mid range customers. It’s very cheap there’s five of you – as the fifth person eats for free. So if you share the cost by five people – it’s actually around $18,32. If you can’t find 4 other friends – you can get discounts have BIBD cards – you can get 10% for Debit/Silver, 15% for Gold and 20% for Platinum. Also on 20th July, all BIBD Cards are entitled to 30% discount! It is indeed a very attractive price for a Japanese  themed buffet! Note that the buy 4 free 1 promotion cannot be combined with the BIBD discount.



They have the typical assorted Japanese appetizers favourites especially  the marinated squid. Nyum!



These are some of their sushi selections. Hokkigai and Salmon Sushi.



Some more sushis and makis – quite an interesting selection and pretty unique.



They have a pretty good selection of Sashimis: Tako, Salmon, White Tuna and Tuna.



Assorted tempura served with tempura dipping sauce



Fried spring rolls and gyoza



Baked Mussels and Calamari Rings



Japanese style fried rice



Yaki Udon noodles ~~



The cheesy salmon is very good. The creamy cheese sauce goes well with the salmon which is cooked just right for me. A thumbs up for this dish!



Chicken Katsu – breaded fried chicken.



Japanese style stir fried beef and stir fried squid rings. Pretty yummy.



For dessert, they have assorted cheese cakes like the Oreo and Green Tea Cheesecakes



Their durian cheesecake is pretty good and it really packs a durian punch!



Overall – we enjoyed the Japanese buffet and we’re quite happy with the quality of the food. Please do be patient with them as they are currently short staffed and the food might take longer to refill but rest assured they will try their best to keep up! Especially since the pricing is very reasonable.

Call 242 2020 to make your reservations!

Ikura Restaurant

1st Floor, opposite Yugo BBQ

Gadong Central

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