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Brunei Sungkai 2014: i-Crave Kopitiam


Quite a very Melayu spread, not typical as you might find at other places. The location is also ideal if you want peace and quiet with easy parking.

Definitely value for money and their menu changes every day. It includes 2 starters, 1 soup, 5 main courses, 4 types of dessert and then refillable hot & cold drinks.

Pictures and text by Kamarul, Brunei Foodies



Simple and comfortable set up at iCrave Kopitiam.



Sauteed Belutak and Mee Mamak



Thai style sweet chili fried chicken and Soy Sauce Squid



Stingray Lemak Taucu – A coconut milk cooked stingray with salted soybeans.



Stir fried local spinach with sambal and traditional sayur ulam and sambal to add some fiber to your meal.



They also have chopped fruits as well as honey dates and local Malay cakes.




The menu for your perusal. For $8.80 – this is one of the cheaper Sungkai buffets and their cuisine is very suitable for the local palette. A good place to bring big families or a big groups!

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